10 Kids’ Friendly Restaurants In Bangalore

If you ask a mommy of a toddler or a growing child what is the greatest difficulty faced by them, I bet all would say making their little ones eat something. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges faced by parents, to make their kids’ eat full. It is a great task indeed. A lot of lip smacking recipes and cuisines have become a regular visitor at most of the Indian kitchens, which is seen preparing pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, French fries etc instead of roti, rice, dal, palak, paneer etc.

The eating habits of children are changing with time. Even restaurants have kids friendly cuisine specifically and they see that their restaurant attract kids and make them stay happy playing around and enjoying their food. Have a look at these 10 kids’ friendly restaurants in Bangalore that gives all those complaining mommies some relief…

Bistro Claytopia

This restaurant has outdoor seating and has leafy pavement tables that provide a great ambience for the kids. It is a great place to celebrate birthdays and any similar get together functions and your kids will love the ambience. The place is bright and colorful with hand painted coasters, fish and stars all around.
Also, they have a great cuisine which will be loved by the kids for sure.

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Art Blend Cafe

The open space at the top floor of this restaurant will make your kids busy. It has some great menu listed specially for kids. Moreover the staffs at this restaurant are very friendly and will make you kids feel more comfortable and playful while you can enjoy your food without any worry.

The Fisherman’s Wharf

This Goan themed restaurant fishing boats, bullock cart, pots, masks and fishing nets spread around will make your kids pay around without bothering the parents much. The restaurant also owns an exclusive play area and colorful flower dotted lawn area for the kids to play around.

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This is an African jungle themed restaurant situated at the top floor in total mall, Madiwala. It has a leafy interior and the restaurant has amazing menu exclusively for kids as well. The walls are done up with heavy green foliage, and animals climbing on trees and tables and it looks like they have been carved out from a huge tree trunk. Your kids would love to experience this jungle while they eat their favorite food as well.

Black Pearl

Pirates Of The Caribbean theme based restaurant, Black Pearl offers an amazing journey inside with swag Skeleton Mannequins on the deck, scary bar chairs and stools which has its back like human rib cage and lots more attractive things inside the restaurant to keep your kids busy. The cuisine too is kids; friendly.

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La Traviata

This restaurant has a small play area at the corner side, along with assorted toys and other attractive stuffs to keeps your kids’ busy. It has a Scandinavian design and an International style with visitor profiles as well. The restaurant gives kids friendly plates, bowls and cutlery that makes them kids’ favorite.

The Rock

The restaurant appears as if it is a cartoon network film, with cute looking animals, butterflies, Gorilla, crocodile and lots more that is sure to capture your kid’s attention. You can hear chirping of the birds at this restaurant and also it shares a great kids friendly ambience.

Khaaja Chowk

This restaurant which is situated at Indiranagar is decorated with a purely Indian theme and they have a good list on menu to keep your kids busy with their food. Also, this place has a unique way of seating arrangements like an auto.

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With amazing pastries and desserts, this restaurant has a great menu to please your kid’s tummy. You can try stir fries, green vegetables, meat puffs, speciality noodles and rice for your kids which are the most recommended from the menu.

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California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen has an amazing kids’ menu booklet which makes them busy even after placing their orders. The menu is filled with coloring pages, puzzles and many other activities that keep your lil ones too busy. They have some amazing menu for kids that will make them enjoy it fully.

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