10 Non-Candy Halloween Treats to Hand Out This Year


Halloween is known for the massive amounts of candy kids go out and collect, usually while dressed as their favorite animal or movie character. Then they come home and, if their parents don’t watch their sugar intake, proceed to rot their teeth out. If you want to do something unique this year with your Halloween handouts and don’t want to contribute to the hyperactivity of the children in your neighborhood, try going healthy.

Take a look at this list of non-candy Halloween handouts a Durango dentist put together to help you this year.

Mini Water Bottles

Mini water bottles are the perfect Halloween handout for hasty trick-or-treaters. With all the walking they’re doing, they need the hydration. It isn’t likely that kids are taking water with them on their candy hunting endeavors. Their parents will appreciate it too. Mini water bottles are great because they will easily fit into a child’s candy bag, without weighing them down too much. If you want to get crafty, you could even turn the water bottles into ghosts or jack-o-lanterns.


While these aren’t an edible treat, they are a better alternative to more sugar. And kids will love the decorating their candy bags, or each other, with some fun holiday stickers. You could even include mini note pads if you want to add a little more to it than just the stickers themselves.

Granola Bars

Pick up a large box or two of granola bars from your local bulk grocery store. This healthy handout will provide some good energy to keep trick-or-treaters going on Halloween night. You could even decorate these treats up like spiders or broomsticks.

Juice Boxes

Pick up some 100 percent fruit juice boxes with no added sugar. Kids love juice, and like the water bottles, this treat will give them some much needed hydration to compensate for all of the running around they will be doing.

Sugar Free Gum

According to the American Dental Association, chewing gum can help neutralize and wash away acids that are produced when food is broken down. Handing out sugar free gum will give the kids something to chew on after their candy munching to help prevent tooth decay.

Cheese Sticks

Another good source of energy, cheese sticks are also a favorite snack of many kids, and we’re sure they won’t be disappointed by it. Draw some ghostly eyes and a mouth if you want it to feel more like a Halloween treat.

Temporary Tattoos

Find some non-toxic Halloween temporary tattoos to hand out. Trick-or-treaters might even like this better than their candy. When they go home and their parents put their Halloween candy away, they can still enjoy these fun decorations.

Party Favors

Go to a Halloween party store, or even the dollar tree, and pick up some fun Halloween party favors to handout. You can get spider or skull rings, Halloween crazy straws, or Halloween bouncy balls. These fun little toys will last much longer than their candy, allowing them to enjoy it through the rest of the year.

Glow Sticks

With children running around in the dark, glow bracelets and necklaces are sure to be a hit on Halloween. Trick-or-treaters will love this non-candy treat and will probably tell all their friends that they need to go to your house next.


Many stores sell individually wrapped snacks, pretzels included. Go to a big box store and you might even find these great snacks in Halloween-themed packaging. Even in the eyes of children, snacks like this can be a much better handout than candy.

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