10 organizing “do’s” that should be “don’ts”

Who doesn’t want a well-organized room, closet and office desk? Those little boxes that separates the one from the other are life savers. The cabinets you have in the kitchen are dividers that helps you organize all your pots, canned goods and the likes. So, are you using them efficiently?

There are a lot of organizing tips, hacks and tricks you can find online; various lists of organization ideas, organization tools as well as kits and the others. Seeing all this, are all of it necessary to stay organized?

Would you rather buy a new drawer divider for your organizing needs instead of utilizing what you already have? Sometimes, the suggestions are good however, not good enough to fit in your needs.

We’ve all had mishaps and there’s no one immune from it. Here are the organizing mistakes you’re probably doing that you need to avoid. Right now.10 organizing Tips

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Too many shelves and containers: You can’t deny the fact that storage containers are really helpful and effective in terms of getting rid of our clutter and keeping our space organized and maintained. Although it does what it promises — to keep your things in one place, having too many of it won’t help you more in your organization challenges.

Getting a container for things that need not to may only come out as another problem. To keep yourself from stacking in too much containers you don’t need, run a quick scan on your items and then decide whether or not another organizer is necessary. So next time, you won’t just make up extra space for additional items you don’t need.

Shopping for storage bins first: Yes, it truly is how fun and exciting shopping for organizing equipment is. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment somehow before you even begin the whole organizing process.

Before you shop for containers and other possible storage, run an inventory and checklist of the set of things that actually needs new home to be stored in. If you can find extra space and bins in your current items, make use of it. If you really need them, opt for clear containers so you can identify the content at a glance. You don’t want to rummage through a bunch of containers just to find your ornaments for Christmas.

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Hiding the clutter in the closet or cabinets: Don’t try to deny it, you’re all guilty of this. We all have probably done this more than once and we still do.

Remember the time you were rushing to get dressed for work but you still had to keep the set of clothes you tried on in the closet? Yes, and did you remember where you put the clothes? Most probably in the closet and chances are you didn’t even fold it or hang it properly.

Utilizing your fridge as a bulletin board: Those who frequently does this, please raise your hand! Not only do you post magnets and photos in the fridge but our utility bills, electricity bills, water bills and the likes as well.

It is understandable that the purpose is to remind you of your obligations and responsibilities to pay for and remember these things but try to find a storage for all this and put it somewhere your always passing by. For instance, in the entryway, your bedroom, kitchen, home office, etc.

Stocking everything in one place: This seems like a great and rational idea at first. All the cleaning supplies placed in one bin sounds logical. What happens if you needed the air freshener in your bedroom which is located in the top floor but the freshener is in the kitchen downstairs? A bit of a hassle, isn’t it?

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Yes, it’s reasonable to store items by category in one place but ensure as well that you have a few of these similar essentials supplied in the bathroom, bedroom or any other parts of the home that needs be, most importantly if you’re living in a multi-level house.

Skipping the labeling: Labeling makes searching for what you need easier and faster. You don’t have to open 3 or 5 bins until you find your cowboy shoes for Halloween.

Labeling is especially necessary if you have opaque storages. Don’t limit your labeling capabilities broad, you can label them by ownership, i.e. Gabby’s books, John’s toys, Daddy’s tools, Picnic essentials, etc. By labeling your containers, you’re also teaching your kids or other members of the family to get organized and put back where they got their toys, books, tools, and the likes.

Not maximizing every available space: Just when you think you have no extra space to keep your stuff, you’re looking at the wrong angle. Try to look at every inch of space left untouched and there you’ll see the available spaces.

See the useless sides of your kitchen cabinets? Install towel bars and use it as a lid rack. See your cleaning supplies cabinet? Maximize the available space by installing a tension rod and empty baskets. You can also attach command hooks for your other tools and supplies. You can make use of this not only in the kitchen but also wherever it is needed. The key is to think outside the box!

Scattered displays/collections: Your superhero comics and action figures collection are beyond cool! But a bit messy and thrown out, don’t you think?

Your collection is a display of your personality. As much as you want to spruce up the room and emboss a pinch of our personality in there, you have to also consider the placement, the number of displays you want to put and how you plan on positioning it.

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Entrusting every mess and clutter to be solved by containers: Containers, storage bins, baskets and the likes all play an efficient part in the home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that to be organized is to keep everything in perfect containers.

As mentioned earlier, you might only be making space for these containers hence, you may only be biting more than you can chew. Analyze carefully if you need an extra storage for your pantry; or the old and the original case will do just fine. Containers aren’t the answer to your organizational challenges.

Keeping your everyday essentials out of reach: Hooray for extra spaces above your cabinets! But hold that thought for a moment, are you sure you’ll store your stand mixer up there?

If you bake cookies and other pastries frequently, you might want to do a second take on that. Be wise with your storage decisions. Keep the things you use regularly in easy reach and for the things you seldom use, it’s reasonable to put them above the cabinet.

Prepare yourself for the toughest and one of the most difficult sports you’ll ever encounter and participate in — the organize-a-thon! Admit it, it’s unarguably one of the hardest job for moms and homeowners out there but it’s equally fulfilling once you’ve reached the peak of the race.

Have you done any DIYs that have changed your organizing game? Any tips and suggestions perhaps? Don’t hesitate to share it with us so leave a comment below!

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