The Little Luxuries of Living Alone


Those that have never lived alone may equate it to being stranded forlornly on a deserted island. They may have visions of crying into their pillow at night out of sheer loneliness. Perhaps they think with no one to talk; they’ll forget how to talk all together! Fortunately, living alone is nothing like the above. Providing you make the effort to maintain a well-rounded social life, solitary living is actually quite a lot of fun. Let’s have a look at some of the little luxuries that come with living alone.


The Remote and Ice-Cream Tub Are All Yours


You don’t have to watch man sport or endless soap operas anymore. Man or woman, the remote control is now all yours. You can catch up on five hours of cookery shows without anyone rolling their eyes. If you want to watch back-to-back movies on a Sunday afternoon, no one will ever know. On top of that, the ice-cream tub is all yours too! And these two things go hand-in-hand. We’re not saying it’s ok to demolish a tub a week, but every so often you can dig your spoon into the ice-cream tub knowing you don’t have to share any of it.


Your Pet Becomes Your Best Friend

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Holly Golightly may have been the original, crazy cat lady, but there’s no reason why you can’t take over the reigns. Perhaps give your pet a better name than ‘Cat’ though. When you live alone, pets are brilliant companions. If your apartment allows it, a cat or dog are the best for cuddles and chat. Dogs are known to improve both your mood and wellness and will always remain a loyal companion. Better still, they will get you out of the house, because they will always need walking. Be aware that if you live alone, you will absolutely have full-on conversations with your pets. This is perfectly normal.


DIY Happens On Your Terms


Decorating and DIY can only happen on your terms. This means no more wonky shelves or half finished jobs because the man in your house refused outside help. Now, if you have a job that needs doing, you can call in home services to deliver a professional finish. No more fighting your man over botched DIY efforts. You also get to decorate the house exactly the way you want to. No arguments over paint color, eccentric style or whether to have a TV in your room. All decisions rest with you. Oh, the joy of not having to ask anyone else’s opinion!

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You Don’t Have To Share A Wardrobe


Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and create a walk-in closet in your spare room. With no one sharing your space, this whole baby will be yours and yours alone. You can create shoe shelves, handbag compartments, and accessory drawers. Design a space for folded laundry, cashmere jumpers and your favorite dresses. Put in plush carpet and fill the room with flowers. If people want to come and stay over? Too bad, they’ll have to take the sofa! Use this time alone to think about what you want from your house. This is your little luxury. Splurge and splash out where you want to. Living alone can be fun and creative, so design your spaces with the real ‘you’ in mind.


You Get To Know The One Person You Probably Haven’t Had Time To Get To Know


The best luxury of living alone? You get to know yourself. You’ll learn your strengths and your weakness. In fact, you’ll probably find strengths you didn’t even know you had. You’ll have fewer distractions and more time to think about your dreams and desires. You’ll be able to explore creative hobbies and focus solely on your own health and well-being. Living alone teaches you self-sufficiency and independence. And by the time you’ve caught your fifth big spider, you’ll know that you are braver than you thought too.

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