Decorate Your Garden And Give It An Edge

Outdoor space is a blessing in any form. Whether you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a big garden or a smaller little area, there are so many things that you can do to make the most of it. Decorating your garden with accessories will give you a stand-out edge and be a talking point when visitors swing by. Attractive trinkets can breathe new life into an area and by just making some simple changes can completely mix-up the mood. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. With a little bit of pre-planning and shopping around you can invest in some outstanding bits and pieces. It’s important a that you buy styles that are weather resistant, and you don’t want to overcrowd your space either. Think carefully about what will work in your garden and then get shopping!

  1. Mirrors

If you are the lucky owner of a garden or patio space that is slightly on the smaller side, a great way to open it up and create the illusion of more space is to include some mirrors. A selection of mirrors on the wall will reflect perfectly and give your space some extra dimension. If you have a wall in yoru garden then why not decorate it with mosaic style mirror pieces to add a real sense of creativity. The garden is a lovely space to play with so it’s a nice idea to use mirrors to get a little bit creative.

  1. Play with time

Of course, you can’t physically turn back the hands of time (or push things forward) but you can decorate your space with an outside clock! The most obvious way to incorporate time is to add in a sundial, which is traditional and are often very attractive. An easier way to play with time though is to invest in a beautiful outdoor clock that you’ll want to admire everyday. By introducing this, typically indoor feature to an outdoor space you’ll give your garden a really personal edge.

  1. Plant until your heart’s content
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If you don’t have a lot of space to plant flowers and add in greenery to your garden you might be hunting for ways to incorporate this effect. A patio only space can look especially gorgeous when paired with an abundance of artfully designed concrete planters. Choose your planters well and you’ll love to fill them with stunning flower and plant arrangements. A lovely planter is a great way to inject some color into your space too as well.

  1. Invest in colorful furniture

You don’t need to ship in enormous pieces of garden furniture to liven up a slightly dull outdoor space. A gorgeous mini table in a popping blue or pink shade will instantly add intrigue and interest. By adding a pop of color into your garden you’ll bring new life into your space and potentially become a talking point when visitors come around. It’s also perfect for when the winter months hit too.

  1. Get some garden characters

If you often invite children and family member to enjoy your garden, a super cute way to guarantee some smiles is to hide some lovely, friendly statues. If you’re a lover of gnomes, dot a few around your space and if you prefer something a little simpler, stick you a gray concrete shade. You could add in fairies and mythical features to themes your garden. Or you could keep things simple with cute little weather resistant, concrete animals.

  1. Add in twinkly lights
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Who doesn’t love some fairy lights! After dark, fairy lights can make a dark garden seem less intimidating a give it a magical edge. Solar powered lights are perfect and are excellent energy saving devices. Dot your lights around your garden, especially in dark corners. They can also act as a security system too. Unwelcome intruders will be deterred if there is more light.

  1. Add in  a self-contained water feature

You don’t need to incorporate a whole pond into your garden to feel the calming influence of a stream of water. A small water feature will keep things serene and pretty and super attractive. Water will also attract the local wildlife, which is always a lovely addition to a garden; unless it;s the kind of wildlife that will eat your plants!

  1. Erect a bird table

A bird table will undoubtedly bring you an enormous amount of joy. Invited beautiful birds into your garden will give you something to tend to and enjoy all year round. If you only have a small space then a simple hanging decoration with lots of nuts in could work better for you. You can shop for nuts and watch the birds fly in!

  1. Make the wall or fence a feature

If you lack floor space in your garden it could suit you to establish a vertical garden. There are many wall planters that can be and these planters often require very little attention once your blooms are in place. If time isn’t on your side choose plants that don’t need a lot of watering or a specific amount of sunlight. It’s lovely to suddenly look around and realize that your garden is thriving!

     10. Use fun tools

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Whether you opt for an intricately decorate spade, colorful shears or an inventive watering can; there are fun ways to liven up your garden with your tools! Things don’t have to be boring and traditional in the backyard. If you’re proud of your tools, you’ll probably end up feeling more inclined to put the effort in in the garden.

However you choose to dress up your garden, you’ll always feel proud of your efforts. A gorgeous garden will always give you great pleasure and give you a place to enjoy some much-needed downtime after a busy day at work. Make sure you get a seating area too! A cosy little outdoor nook in a beautifully accessorized garden will allow your imagination to wander and thrive.

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