Interior Style Ideas to Organize your Wardrobe and Accessories

master bedroom

A closet or wardrobe is an important component of any bedroom’s interior style. If you’re planning out how to design your master bedroom, you’ll want to take the main closet into account. To begin with, you need to think about how to best make use of the empty space. Try to visualize the shelves, and whether or not you will add a stand-up wardrobe. Do you have clothing that needs to be organized with hangers, or do you prefer to fold up your garments? Do you have a high volume of shoes and accessories? If so, do you prefer to incorporate these as a visual part of the room’s interior design or do you want them hidden away?


Maximizing Room Space


A master bedroom’s overall design can be greatly enhanced with a well-planned open wardrobe. You can add antique furniture or other elements to open up the room and make it more visually interesting. However if you decide to go this route, you’ll need to be sure that your closet is free from clutter. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Put a lounging area in the corner or an exotic divider screen to make it a pleasant area that fits in with the rest of the room’s décor.


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Adding Decorative Elements


There are a number of organizational tools on the market to help you organize accessories in the wardrobe. You can go beyond the humdrum shoe organizer by choosing something with a bit more flair, like this little black dress accessory organizer at Designed in the shape of a wardrobe staple, it offers a place to put all of your accessories combined with a clever clothing-design. This is just one example of an organizer that can work as an accessory in itself, though. You could also look for decorative jewelery boxes or even quirky mannequins to create a boutique-like atmosphere from your own home.

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