3 Crafty Ways to Reuse Plastic In Your Home to Reduce Waste

The plastic issue going on across the country right now is really getting out of hand. We use millions of products every day that are made of plastic, and 600 billion pounds of plastic are made and consumed by the world every year. It doesn’t stop there because the market continues to grow at about 5% a year.

Although plastic is a recyclable material, not enough people are actually recycling it. The recycling rate in America right now is only 34.6%. That means that over half of all plastic materials are not being recycled. Luckily, there is something that we can do about it. There are plenty of ways for the average person to reuse plastic in their everyday lives. Here are three crafty ideas for reusing plastic to reduce waste.

Reusing Plastic Bags

Other than using the same plastic grocery bag for a few trips back and forth to the store, there are plenty of other things that you can do with it. For example, with enough creativity and the right materials, you can turn it into a tote or messenger bag. Although it’s not far off from its original use, you’re definitely extending the life of that plastic bag. Plastic bags can also be made into yarn, which can be used for just about anything.

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Reusing Plastic Foam

Plastic foam is one of the most common forms of plastic, and 69 million pounds of it get recycled each year. You can recycle it too by using it in countless craft projects. It can be used to make wreaths or as a foundation for a gorgeous princess castle. Whatever your project, you can most likely incorporate Styrofoam somehow.

Reusing To-Go Containers

This one is definitely a favorite. How many take-out containers do you have lying around? If you order takeout the way the rest of the country does, then you have a lot. Instead of throwing them away, re-purpose them. Give leftovers to your dinner party friends in them, clean them out and use them to hold your kids’ toys, or use them as a seed grower.

Plastic is all around us. We use it for millions of products every day. It’s hard to avoid. Plastic is polluting our earth, but there is a bright side. Do your part and recycle your used plastic items by making them into one of these neat crafts!

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