3 Furniture Styles that are Hot in 2016

This year, expect to see some new and exciting twists on favorite furniture styles. 2016 will bring new, trendy designs as well as many familiar tried and true styles. Whatever your preference is, you can find something to suit your personal taste and to spice up your home décor!


This year, rustic furniture is coming to the forefront of design. Think distressed wood finishes, many beautiful shades of brown, and interesting metal accents. Rustic furniture is no longer solely intended for winter ski houses or rural country properties, the rustic style can be incorporated in any home, anywhere.Rustic Furniture

This style of furniture is defined by its country-esque, durable, and no-frills style. Wood is one of the main components of rustic design. Expect to see many coffee tables, kitchen tables, entertainment centers and other large pieces of furniture made out of hardy, thick wood this year. Rustic design can certainly involve leather as well. Dark wood furniture looks great with large leather pieces. Try pairing a rustic wooden coffee table with oversized dark brown leather chairs or ottomans in a sitting room. Brick and stone are other elements that are often utilized for rustic furnishings and can look great as part of a mantle or incorporated onto a bookcase, for example.

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A kitchen can instantly be updated by a rustic kitchen table and chairs. Try yellows or red wall paint or decorative pieces to brighten up a kitchen and match the rustic-design. A rustic theme can easily be carried into the bedroom as well. There are tons of great options for large, wood pieces that include bed frames, night stands and dressers. Check out bedroom furniture that incorporates metals and wrought-iron as well. These sturdy looking materials can be offset by softer touches, like an attractive area rug and a bed set and curtains in a bright color.


Traditional furniture will be popular in 2016. While it has never really gone out of style, expect to see more and more traditional pieces. Look for furniture with ornate and detailed woodworking that can serve as an accent piece in any home. Glass-top end tables, side tables and coffee tables are an attractive alternative to more modern, plain furniture.Traditional furniture

This year, traditional dining room tables and chairs will be very prominent. Beautiful wood in all shades will be utilized with traditional leg designs on table and chairs. For a more modern approach to traditional style furniture, try a high dining set in your kitchen or dining area. 2016 will see a move towards high dining sets which are tables and chairs that are raised and present a different look. The high dining set is a great alternative type of kitchen table and can look great in a roomy kitchen. This type of dining set is ideal for those who appreciate traditional style furniture but would like something a little different with a modern twist.

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In regards to couches, chairs, and other types of living room seating, traditional style furniture will see many bright-colored fabrics. Look for traditional wooden-legged chairs with bright blue, yellow, or red fabrics to accent any color room. This is another way to incorporate traditional style furniture into your home while still including a somewhat modern touch, the pop of color.

Bar Settings

2016 will see various bar settings utilized in furniture design. At a kitchen counter island, incorporate attractive bar style stools. Stools with fabric backs or all wooden designs are popular and can accent any kitchen.Bar Settings

Consider adding a small, home bar area to really incorporate the bar setting into your home. Turn your finished basement or a small section of your living room into a personal bar area. 2016 has brought with it countless options for high-top tables, countertops, pieces of outdoor furniture and stools that match. If a pub-like setting is your desire, you can find items that appear more antiqued, lived-in and classic. For a more sleek look, opt for bar furniture that is darker wood, shiny and has metal accents.

2016 will bring with it plenty of interesting and new furniture designs. Regardless of what type of furniture you already have, you can always mix in a different type of style to change the look of your home. Consider these styles in 2016 and how you can update your house.

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