Not-So-Obvious Ways You Can Make Your Home An Allergy-Free Haven!


You might be surprised to know that over 50 million people suffer from allergies in the US. And a lot of the time, their condition can worsen when they are at home. They struggle to sleep and find it hard to stop coughing in their living quarters. And they often don’t know why it’s occurring in their home. However, if you have a family member who suffers from allergies, there are some things you can do. Here are some not-so-obvious ways you can make your home an allergy-free haven.


Be careful with pets


A lot of the time, pet hair can cause family members to start coughing away. But with pets shedding all over the house, it can be hard to make your property an allergy-free zone. However, if you want to help your family members, you should be careful about where the pets go in the home. You might want to make particular areas such as your kid’s bedroom a non-pet area. That way, you can ensure your child has a good night’s sleep. You also need to remember to vacuum the areas regularly that your pet has been. That way, you can remove the fur which can affect your allergy-prone family members. And you can read our previous blog for more help making your home an allergy-free haven.


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Clean those air ducts


After you have using your heating in the home, it’s easy for dust to build up in the vents. But if it’s left to quantify, it could result in your family member who suffers from allergies getting quite ill. And it can also cause expensive bills when it comes to repairs if there is too much dust and dirt in your vents. Therefore, you can ensure your home is an allergy-free haven by making sure you clean them regularly. If you don’t fancy doing it, you can get a professional to do your air duct cleaning. That way, it can be nice and clean for your family.


Restrict your use of tumble dryers and dishwashers


Another thing which you need to do is restrict your use of tumble dryers and dishwashers in your home. After all, using them both will build condensation on the walls. And it can lead to mold if left untreated. And your family members with allergies will struggle in your home. Therefore, you should opt to dry your clothes outside in the open air instead of in your kitchen. And wash your plates by hand rather than always relying on the dishwasher. You will be surprised how much cleaner the air will be if you do both of these!


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Keep the windows sealed in your home


It’s also a good idea to make sure your windows are properly sealed in your home. For one thing, it will stop hot air escaping so that your family stay warm in the property. Not only this, but it can stop pollen getting into your home. After all, this is terrible for allergies and will make your family member quite poorly. You can find some sealing tools to ensure the windows in your home are properly shut all year round.


And remember to remove dust from under the bed. That way, your family member can have a good night’s rest.

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