4 Inexpensive DIY Pet Beds

pet in bed

We love our pets. They bring joy and happiness which is why we want to return the favor. Many of us learned several lessons on responsibility as a child while caring for a loved family pet. Caring for them can be easy and cost-effective, especially if you know how to build your own DIY pet beds. 

Our pets deserve the best. Part of that is a nice bed to rest and sleep in. Pet beds are not cheap, and some of them really aren’t that impressive. With little effort, you can actually make DIY pet beds by yourself. For most of these options, we’ve used something that is not typically used as an animal bed and turned it into one.

With all these options it is important to add cushioning. Make sure your pet is comfortable in their bed, a lot of these items alone will not provide that.

Soft Wicker DIY furniture ideas for petsdiy pet beds

Creating a nice bed for your pet can be fun with easy DIY furniture ideas. This option involves buying a basket and using it to make a bed. Ideally, you would want a softer wicker basket, one that bends and is flexible. This will allow for a softer base but will still be strong enough to support your animal and last for a while.

Adding a simple cushion is really all this bed requires. It will be a comfortable, yet spacious bed. You can find baskets in many sizes, so this will actually work for a large variety of house pets

DIY Pet Bed Blanketsdiy pet bed blanket

I had a kitten once who decided one time he was going to sleep on a blanket that had fallen on the floor. It became his favorite place to sleep, more so than his bed. 

Though not the most ideal, if you have some heavy, soft blankets that will keep your pet off the floor and provide some warmth then it may be a good option. It will be comfortable and simple. You can use the blankets as lining to almost anything to form a good bed for your pet. 

Pallets: Wood vs Metalpallet wood for diy pet beds

Why is there such a debate when it comes to wood vs metal? A nice wooden frame can make for an awesome bed. Pallets are a great way to create that frame which is why many people use them for their pet’s beds.  Pallets offer lots of easily removable board that can be easily used to make a sweet bed.

Depending on the design of the bed and size of the dog, you can use a simple cushion or blanket to put the final touches on a custom, comfortable bed. 

Note: If you do this, make sure the wood is sanded down exceptionally well. You don’t want any injury occurring to your pet. 


A simple box can serve as a great bed. If you have a cardboard box that is not very tall but plenty wide, then you have the beginnings of a great pet bed. You can cover it with a blanket or even put t inside of a soft shirt if the box is small. This is a great idea for cats and small dogs, but may not be as effective for bigger pets. 

Challenger Pallet recommends using the remnants of their pallets as bedding. They grind down the wood into tiny pieces that can be laid down to serve as a comfortable layer of bedding. A simple and effective way to make a pet bed great.


Your pet deserves to sleep on a bed that is handwoven from the best of all silkworms. Realistically, you need something that is comfortable and durable. These options all provide your pet with a soft, comfy bed that will last a long time and not break your bank to provide. It’s a win for you and your pet.

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