5 Different Ways to Keep Your Garden Irrigated


Gardening is an extremely common and well-loved hobby. If you have your own home with a yard, chances are you have at least thought about planting something out there.  Once you have your plan for what you are going to plant and where it will go, you are almost ready to go. One very important thing to consider when planting a garden is how to maintain an irrigated garden.

Watering your garden is critical for it to live, obviously. Unless you want to walk around with watering can, you need to have a plan for a water network.


You can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned, tried and true hose. They can be found for fairly cheap, and most will last you a while. You can easily roll the hose out when you need it and then put it away.

In some areas, water is rationed carefully. Hoses may not be the best option here, as unless you are using a lot of water. Some people like to leave the hose running outside and unattended. This can be very wasteful, especially in these areas.

Pop-up sprinklers

Do you ever remember running as a kid running through a yard and then tripping over seemingly nothing? The on closer inspection you saw a small plastic or metal sprinkler sticking ever so slightly out of the ground.

Pop-up sprinklers are nice because, for the most part, they get out of the way when you aren’t using them. They are on a timer, which allows you the ability to decide the ideal time to water, and for how long you want it to go. When the timer clicks on, the sprinklers pop up, water, and then go back down when the timer dictates.

This helps free up your time as you aren’t constantly walking outside to move a stationary hose or sprinkler.

Soaker Hose

This option is one of the cooler things you will see. A soaker hose is either a hose with lots of small holes or a regular hose with certain lengths made from a material that allows the water to soak through.

Water soaks out slowly from these types of hoses. The water in this system is directed at the roots, avoiding wasting too much on the upper parts of the plants, or water that misses the needed areas altogether.

This method of watering also uses less water, due to the slow flow of water out of the hose. It does not, however, compromise the needs of the plant. This is a great watering option.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is similar to soak hose in that it releases a slow, but steady series of water drips to the plants. It is usually done through tubes that have small holes, they run next, to under, or over the plants.

This is also great due to the conservation of water, and the “hands-off” methodology. Many of these types of systems are run on timers, or other automated measures, which just makes things easier for you.  

Furrow Irrigation

Furrow irrigation is the classic irrigated garden method. It involves digging ditches around and in between your rows of plants. When you let water in the ditches, it flows to all parts of your garden, bring water to the plants.

This method is timeless, but it also requires a bit of effort to get set up, and you need to have a good way to get enough water into the ditches to water your entire garden. This isn’t a huge issue, as it can be done with a hose, but it is something you will need to figure out.


If you want to get keep your garden watered well, you have options. If you need one of the more extensive options done, there are landscaping companies, like The Yard Butler, who can help get them installed. It’s worth it to keep your garden nice and hydrated because doing so can provide a beautiful landscape for your yard.

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