5 Features of a Dream Cabin

dream cabin

The cabin is my favorite getaway. I love to go to Island Park, Idaho in the winter and relax in the cabin, go snowmobiling, soak in the hot tub, and enjoy time with family. At some point, I hope to build my own dream cabin with all sorts of fun features. So if you are dreaming about that future cabin like me, or have reached that exciting point in life where you know get to build a cabin, here are 5 features you might want to include.


A huge part of the luxury of cabins is the beautiful surrounding landscape. I love being able to look out a cabin window and see snow-frosted pine trees or the mountains. Getting away from the city and out into the woods is a huge reason people go to cabins, so of course, you’ll want to take advantage of that woodsy view.

My dream cabin would be full of windows. The living room would have tall ceilings and a wall full of windows with a view. I think that having a wall that’s basically a giant window would be such a fun addition to any cabin. You could watch the wildlife outside your window, admire the beauty of nature, or simply enjoy the natural sunlight it would let in.


While it’s fun to be inside and enjoy the coziness of a cabin, enjoying the beautiful surroundings outside is essential to any cabin trip. A large porch is a fun addition to the cabin because it gives you a place to enjoy sitting outside. It provides a spot for a grill or hot tub, or somewhere to play a round of cards outside.

Hot Tub

I mentioned earlier that I love to go to cabins in the winter. My favorite winter cabining activity might be hot-tubbing in the snow. Nothing beats getting in a hot tub while cold snow gently falls and keeps your face cool. A cabin without a hot tub just doesn’t feel right to me.

Bunk Room

I think cabins are the most fun when you go with a lot of family or friends. As a kid, I always had sleepovers with my cousins at the cabin. All of the young cousins would take over the whole basement. We made so many great memories. Because of that, I think having a dedicated bunk room would be fun. It could be the designated kids’ room. Plus when you go to a cabin with a lot of people, you need a lot of beds. Bunk beds are a great way to get more beds in less space.

Master Suite Balcony

If it’s my dream cabin, I’m obviously staying in the beautiful master suite. Which would have a comfy king bed, private bathroom, fireplace, and definitely a private balcony. Balconies are great for the same reason as porches, it’s a fun way to get to enjoy nature from the cabin. It would be such a great way to start off a morning by waking up and then standing outside on the balcony to see the beautiful mountains and trees.

What cabin features would you include? If you are lucky and get to build your dream cabin find a contractor who has experience building cabins, like JAB Construction. Research other fun cabin features and have fun designing or daydreaming about your dream cabin.

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