5 Herbs that Help Repel Mosquitoes

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Summer is here and there’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors. This time of the year eludes to backyard barbecue, pool parties, and catching fireflies. As many families find their way to the backyard, they are faced with a major problem this summer. Mosquitoes can turn a fun night on the patio into a war zone. Many families are finding natural ways to repel these pesky bugs and others with plants.



In addition to smelling great and blooming beautiful colors, the smell of lavender deters mosquitoes. Not only is this a great way to keep mosquitoes away, but it can also bring beautiful purple blooms to your summer escape. This plant likes it hot and dry so it’s a great plant to consider adding to your herb garden this summer. If you don’t have the means to plant lavender, consider investing in lavender oil and applying it before heading outdoors this season.



Another plant known for its aroma is rosemary, but this plant has even more to offer. Rosemary can be added to just about any dish for added flavor and its helps keep the bugs away. Rosemary can be planted in pots or containers or as a hedge. If you have the space, consider implementing this jack of all trades to your outdoor living space for texture and small that is sure to please.

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Another herb that helps in repelling mosquitoes is basil. This herb loves full sun and a great way to add even more flavor to your summer dishes. As a side note, consider pinching of the blossoms when they begin to form, this is aid in producing more leaves to your summer dishes.



This herb can also repel mosquitoes and is a great way to add some unique texture and height to your garden. Lemongrass has been used in a variety of dishes to add a zesty and unique twist. When planting, be sure to consider a larger pot since these plants can get pretty big.



This refreshing herb works well in dishes and cocktail favorites, but this particular perennial is also a big help when repelling mosquitoes. This plant does require some maintenance; however, usually an easy plant to grow.

This summer, try these natural alternatives instead of using harmful chemicals on your skin. Practicing natural ways of fighting off mosquitoes can pay you back with delicious herbs for that extra summer taste and smell in  your food and drinks.

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