5 Reasons to Support Local Farmers

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Back in the day most people either grew their own food or they bought it from their local farmer. Nowadays most of us shop from big stores like Walmart or Costco, and usually, their product doesn’t come from nearby farmers. Most of their stuff is probably not even from this country.

Although those stores can be useful with easy access to most fruits and veggies even in winter or for out of season produce, there is something to be said about buying something from the person who directly grew it.

Buying from your local farmer supports their business and also allows you to get fresh fruits, veggies, and other produce. Plus it allows you to know exactly where they came from and how they were made.

Here are five other important reasons to support local farmers:

You know exactly where it’s coming from

The greatest benefit of buying from your local farmer is that you know exactly where the food you are purchasing comes from. If you have any questions or concerns about it you can directly ask the person that grew them.

You can ask about how they store their soybeans and if they use soybean storage through Dome Technology or if it’s some other way, you can ask about any chemicals their products are exposed to or how fresh the products really are.

Talking to the person who grew the food can give you a piece of mind. It can also help you to know more about the food you consume. In turn, this helps you to be more conscientious about it.

Can’t beat the taste

Fresh is fresh, and the taste of fresh fruits, veggies, milk, cheese and other products made from the farm really can’t be beaten.

When your’e accustomed to buying food from a big grocery store you might not realize how big of a difference the taste is from something that was shipped over a couple of weeks to something that was picked of the tree just the day before or even the morning of.

Supporting a small business

America was founded on small businesses. Supporting a small local business is a great way to boost your local economy.

Supporting your local farmer allows them to keep on doing what they do best. Hopefully, for many years to come.

Farms are good for the environment

Supporting your local farmer means supporting their farm, which is very beneficial to the environment.

Farms support important ecosystems from the dirt to the air we breathe. Because of the vastness of most farms the trees, plants, water, and dirt it takes to support them is a great place for local wildlife to flourish and stay preserved.

Gives you more variety

Have you ever noticed that most grocery stores seem to carry the same fruits and vegetables?

That is because there are corporate farms that produce the same product in large quantities.

Purchasing food from your local farmer can introduce more variety when it comes to fruits and veggies. This is because there may be certain unique ones that only your farmer grows. This variety can add wonderful new flavors to your diet which can also be beneficial to your health.

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