5 Signs You Need Assistance With Your Aging Parent

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You’ve been taking care of your mom or dad for a couple years now after you both decided it was best they didn’t live alone.

But now it seems that they need more and more help, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to give that extra help because your life is hectic or you just don’t know the proper care to give.

This can be especially true if there are health concerns involved, which most of the time require medical experts who know what to do and how to help.

When it gets to this point you may be asking yourself, “What should I do?”

Here are five signs you need help with helping your aging parent, and how to seek out that help.

They are becoming more and more forgetful

There is nothing wrong with helping your parent to remember appointments and important dates, but if it seems that they are forgetting everyday tasks or important things like taking their necessary medications, it may be time to get your parent more specialized help.

This is because you may not have the capability of being with your parent at all hours of the day, and you can’t remember every little thing for them.

You notice a loss in weight

When forgetting happens this may extend to their eating habits as well. If you don’t often see them at meal times, other signs of this may be loose-fitting clothing or a thinner appearance.

Most of the time this isn’t something they are purposely doing; it’s just a sign that they need help to remember to stop and eat. Sometimes if you work or have other obligations, you can’t do that for them for every meal.

When this happens, it may be time to consider an in-house nurse and home health care services like those offered by OneSource Home Health and Hospice and many more places like it.

They seem to be more withdrawn

Because you are familiar with your parent’s habits and personality, you are in a unique position to recognize changes in their normal behavior. If they are usually ones to love activities with family and friends and now seem to be more withdrawn and alone, it may indicate a need for help, possibly even professional medical help.

Discuss with them why they may be feeling or acting that way. You should also use your best judgment to seek more help if needs be.

They seem to be falling more

Everyone can be a bit clumsy at times, but if you notice that your parent seems to be off balance and experience more trips and falls than they normal, it could signify that something is off.

This is something that may require more than just a watchful eye because injuries from falls can be quite serious and require lots of help and attention. If this seems like something you can’t do or feel like you don’t have the skills to provide, it’s ok to seek help from other family members or home health professionals.

Ask if they need more help

Sometimes your parent will admit on their own that they need more help than you can give them when just living your normal life. At first, you may find yourself sad or frustrated because of this, but understand that this just means they need that little extra help as much as you do.

Be open and honest with them and let them tell you what they need. Most importantly, work together to seek it out so that both of you can be happy, healthy, and safe.

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