5 Smart Exterior Home Improvements

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Your home is your sanctuary, the one place you can feel safe and relax, no matter what else is going on in your life. However, if you don’t take care of your home then it’s not going to look after you. Smart exterior home improvements are those that need to be done because doing them will help to ensure the structural integrity of your home. 

Of course, if there’s nothing that needs dong immediately then you can always choose your preferred exterior home exterior improvement


This is the best place to start because cladding does more than just transform the look of our home. Using a quality cladding, such as palliside cladding, will help to ensure your new cladding lasts for years. 

But, it’s also a great way of protecting your exterior walls and preventing damp ingress. In fact, cladding can actually act as an extra layer of insulation which means you can save money on your energy bills and reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do on an annual basis.

Smart Doorbell

The smart exterior doorbell should actually be part of a bigger smart system in your home, allowing you to control all the items, such as lights and heating.

However, if you want to start somewhere the exterior doorbell is as good a place as any. Not only will it allow you to see anyone coming to your door, but it can also actually help you to deter potential thieves and can even make your home more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell it.


Having an outside space allows you to relax and enjoy the sunshine. It also gives you the perfect spot to entertain friends. 

A deck is actually quite easy to build, all you need to do is decide the size that best suits your needs and create a framework for the boards to go down on. The great thing about decks is that they are useful and will add value to your property. Whether you’re interested in selling, remortgaging, or simply keeping your retirement pot as high as possible, it’s good to undertake a home improvement that adds value.

The Drive/Front Yard

Many people forget that the first thing you see isn’t actually your house, it’s the driveway and front yard. That makes this area an excellent target for exterior home improvements. You’ll need to clear the weeds from your drive and flower beds, cut the grass, trim the hedges, repaint the fences, and even consider relaying the drive.

This can just be a case of adding new gravel or you can lift up the old surface and lay new tarmac or block paving. 


Finally, a great exterior home improvement is to replace the roof. Faulty roofs are responsible for water ingress which means your wooden timbers will start to perish

If you leave the roof you could be creating a huge pile of bills in the future. Instead, replace the standard tiles with newer material, such as metal sheeting. It will look great and cost a fraction of the amount of retiling the roof.

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