5 Teeth Problems You May Come Across

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Teeth, you use them every day, and hopefully, run a brush across them at least twice a day. Teeth are like your fingerprint. Even twins have unique teeth. Just as any used car needs personalized kinds of care, your teeth need personalized dental care. Without proper maintenance, teeth problems may begin to develop.


Many people grind their teeth which can lead to pain, headaches, loose teeth, gum recession, and more. If you identify yourself as a teeth grinder one thing that can help is getting proper air to the body while sleeping. Another way to avoid grinding is to wear a mouth guard to protect the teeth while sleeping and stop the grinding.

Extreme Brushers 

Extreme brushers are people who brush a little too hard on their teeth or too often. Dentists don’t usually have to tell their clients that they brush too much but if your gums are receding or your teeth feel more sensitive it could be that you are brushing too hard. If you use bristles that are firm and brush aggressively this can irritate your gums and damage your teeth. Make sure that you avoid firm toothbrushes and go for soft-bristled ones instead to avoid the problems of excessive brushing.


Athletes face different challenges if they play contact sports. Make sure that you use a mouthguard when playing contact sports. There are many who have taken a hit and chipped or even lost their teeth. Many people have found that it is easier if you utilize a “self-fitting mouth guard” that follows the contours of your teeth. Your dentist can also prescribe a custom-made mouthguard that fits your mouth perfectly.

The Sweet Tooth

Some of us love sweets, and if you fall into this category there are some things that you can do to cater better to your mouth. One thing you can do is to eat your sweets with your meals. Your mouth provides more saliva to wash away sticky sweets when you eat meals. Another thing you can do is to brush your teeth 5 minutes after eating to get more of the sweets that stick to your mouth.


Stained teeth can ruin any photo but luckily you can whiten your teeth. However, with the products you buy at the local grocery store, there are some potential drawbacks. Whitening teeth with products at home can irritate gums or damage enamel. Professional dental care will allow you to apply the whitener without damaging the enamel or irritating the gums. Also, some dentists such as Family Dental Health can promise results that “are up to 10 shades brighter.”

So, there you have it: five different problems that plague five different mouths. People who grind their teeth, extreme brushers, athletes, lovers of sweets, and stained teeth. There are many other types of teeth and like we said before teeth are unique and almost just as many problems exist for just how many unique types of teeth there are. If you run into any trouble it can almost always be solved by a trained professional dentist so make sure you visit one at least twice a year.

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