5 Ways to Make Your Travel More Fun and Interesting


Traveling can be a pretty dispiriting experience sometimes! I’m not talking about the fun kind of travel that sees you adventuring to new places. I’m talking about the sort of travel you have to engage in often – your commute, for example, or long business trips.


When traveling to work is frustrating, then it just makes your day at work feel even more frustrating! If you want to spice up your travel obligations, then we’ve got some ideas for you here.  




Whether you’re online or not, there are a bunch of apps out there that can make travel more enjoyable or even productive. Pocket, for example, is an app that allows you to save and view content that you don’t have time to check out at any given time – load it up while you’re on the train and you can check out all the content you’ve been procrastinating with. There are a lot of apps out there that are tailored specifically to commuters to help make traveling a lot less stressful! Read more about these sorts of apps over at time.com.


Different route


There’s always more than one way to get to your destination, right? When you take the exact same route every day, it starts to get very boring and feel like it takes even longer than it does. So why not leave a little earlier and take a slightly different route? Even if it’s by doing something as simple as getting off your train or bus a couple of stops earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way, you might be surprised by mood-boosting effect this has. Many people have also said that this helps them feel more creative before work begins.


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New transport methods


So you’ve been driving to work all these years, or perhaps taking the same train route day in and day out. Have you considered your walking or cycling options? Have you thought about starting up some sort of car pool scheme with your co-workers? You could even look at some ultra-modern, almost futuristic methods of transport such as electric scooters or skateboards! Read more about these travel methods over at theelectricrider.com.


Read a book


Seriously, it’s frustrating seeing so many people on the train who are just sitting there, doing nothing. It seems like they could spend that time reading a book, right? So many people complain about not reading as much as they feel they should, but waste their commuting time on Twitter. Why not have a look through some modern classics and commit yourself to reading a few of them in 2017? Check out a great list at goodreads.com.


Be productive
Travel takes up a huge chunk of time for the average worker. It’s a shame to let that time go to waste, right? So find ways to be productive. You can read up on ways to make your commute productive. Of course, if you just need to unwind while you’re traveling back from work, then perhaps you should look into one of the more fun options that were listed above!

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