5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Homier

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College apartments are fun. It’s your first place outside of your parents’ home. It’s a place where you and your friends can hang out at any time, a place for studying, movie nights, and anything else you feel like. As amazing as having your own place can be, sometimes you can still miss home. Here are a few tips to help you make your apartment feel homier.  


The quickest way to make an apartment feel homier is to decorate it. Make your apartment look more like your space and not a generic apartment. Apartments normally have boring walls and the bare minimum furniture. Adding some paintings, posters, throw blankets, a desk, pillows, or a bookshelf could help your apartment feel more like your place. If you are worried about how to decorate your apartment on a budget, there are tons of articles and tips on how to decorate your apartment for cheap.

Embrace the Holidays

The fall season is here, and your house back home is probably decked out for the holidays. You can decorate your apartment for the holidays too. Buying a few holiday-themed decorations can be a couple of dollars well-spent. 

Home-Cooked Food

One of the first things I missed about living at home was home-cooked meals. I’m not much a chef and so I eat a lot of the same boring foods. However, when I really miss home, I call my mom and ask for an old favorite recipe. I try to make the food, and most of the time it actually turns out. In the end I enjoy an old home-cooked meal. It makes me feel more at home in my apartment and saves you some money by not eating out.


My favorite way to make my apartment feel homier is by displaying a lot of photos. A lot of apartments have rules against putting nails in the walls, so using a picture frame and nail might not always work. Freestanding picture frames or hanging pictures with tape or sticky putty will always work though. Freshmen year I made a photo collage of pictures of my family, friends, cousins, roommates, and pet dog above my bed. Most of the time it was just fun to look at, but if it was a hard day I could look at it and feel more at home. 


One of the hardest things for me to adjust to in college was the quietness of the apartment. My family is kind of noisy, so there was always music, laughter, or TV playing in the background. The quietness of the apartment made me feel lonely, but by turning on some music it made me feel more at home. My favorite thing to do was to play music my family listened to a lot. It made background noise and helped me feel connected to my family. I also found that sometimes if I turned on the TV and just let it play, it also helped me feel more at home.

Moving into your own apartment has a lot of perks, and you should make sure that feeling homesick in your apartment ruins it. Take some time and spend a few dollars to make your apartment feel more like home. It will be worth it.

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