5 Ways To Spruce up Your Yard This Summer


Is your yard a little tired looking? Is it clear that you are in need of some work? Most of us are there. Other than the dads mowing their lawns while wearing white New Balance sneakers, those yards are immaculate. 

Ways to spruce up your yard come in so many ways. It could be as simple as planting flowers. There are things you can do yourself,  but for some really cool changes, you might want to hire a landscaping company. Here are some services they might offer.


Hardscapes are really any feature involving rock or stone. Walkways, patios, walls, etc can all fall into this category.

Hardscapes look really nice. They all serve good purposes too. A patio is a great place to gather, a firepit will make sore sun evenings with family and friends, and if you have a garden, a stone walkway would make it look really classy. 

Water Features

Water features are what as a child I considered the epitome of cool. Fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and so many more options are available to really take your yard to a different level. 

Water features make things look nicer. A nice fountain will make your garden feel classy. A pond in your yard would look awesome. A bubbling fountain would make your yard the coolest on the block. There are so many options to choose from, but you should definitely get at least one. 


If you don’t know what a pergola is, imagine someone was building a wooden pavilion and then stopped once they build the supporting posts and roof beams. 

In all actuality, pergolas are super classy. They look nice and make your yard feel fancier. Pergolas can attach to your home or stand-alone, giving them nice versatility in their placement. Sometimes they include attachments so that you can be shaded while sitting under them. 


Lighting your yard is a great way to go to improve it. As it starts to get dark, you’ll be glad you installed lights within your outdoor space. Or, if you get home from a trip late, walkway lights have you covered. 

Lights just add to the ability to enjoy your yard, even after the sun goes to sleep. 

Planter Beds

If you have flowers, bushes, or any other plant growing in your yard you should consider putting in planter beds. If you want any plants in your yard, you can install planter beds. 

Planter beds are sections cut out of your lawn where you can plant your favorite plants. The grass is removed and a border is dug around the area and filled with concrete. Plants are be planted and mulch is laid down to give it a neat, organized look. It helps your yard feel more neat and spacious as well. 

More Ways To Spruce Up Your Yard

Your outdoor space needs a makeover this summer! You deserve to have the nicest yard on the block. Many local landscaping companies, like ifyardbutler.com, provide all these services and more. Research your options and consider getting a list together. There are many DIY options that you can tackle on your own. If not, meet with local pros that can help you accomplish your goals.

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