6 Essentials For A Healthy Dog

healthy dog

Dogs really are man’s best friend. Especially a healthy dog who can give so much love. Especially as of late, there has been a giant uptick in people loudly expressing their love of dogs. It is probably one of the most wholesome things on the internet today. 

There are many people that really want a dog as their housemate and loving companion. It is important to remember that dogs are living things and require a lot of attention and care. Here are just some of the important things you need to provide for them.


This one is a no brainer. Make sure your dog has ample food to eat. The amount a dog should eat varies depending on its size, weight, and breed. Make sure that you research thoroughly the amount of food your dog should have, and also make sure you are getting a good brand and type of food. You may need to adjust to your dog’s dietary needs or preferences over time.

Clean Water

Dogs need water, just like humans do. Imagine if you wore a fur coat all day and didn’t have an adequate amount of water. It would make you miserable, and it does for the dogs too.

Make sure your dog’s water dish is always full. Change the water frequently to allow your dog to have fresh, clean water to drink. This is especially important as the temperatures spike in the warmer months.

Designated Vet

Dogs, like humans, need at least annual check-ups with their doctor. Make sure you take your dog in at least that one time per year, you can always increase this if your dog is older.

You can also visit the vet if there are any issues. If your dog is hurt or seems if it like something is wrong, or if you are ever concerned about their health, just search for veterinarians near you. This is also helpful just to see what different vets offer. 


Your dog needs to get out and exercise. If you need to do so as well, perfect. Go for a walk. What dog doesn’t like walks? It will be nice to get outdoors, and the physical exercise will keep your dog healthy. Dogs can get overweight, and struggle from sickness and disease as a result. So make sure you get them daily exercise, and it should also help make sure they aren’t tearing up your house.

A Good Bed

I have seen some pretty lame excuses for a pet bed before. Get something properly sized and comfortable for your dog. That being said, many pets are kind of quirky and get attached to random things as beds. 

Maybe you let the dog sleep in your bed, or maybe you have a large cushion they love sleeping on. As long as it is a soft, comfortable place to sleep you are probably good.


This is easily one of the most important things to provide for your pet. Don’t get a pet if you don’t intend to absolutely love it. It is a living creature and deserves loving care. A lot goes into loving and caring for a dog, so make sure you are prepared to do so before committing to owning one.


Dogs are awesome. They are some of the sweetest living creatures on Earth. They can cheer you up, protect you, and sometimes make you roll your eyes and laugh at their antics. A dog who is provided for is a happy, healthy friend to you and your family.

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