6 Home Upgrades That Will Change the Feel of Your Space


Are you contemplating some home upgrades? Have you ever gone home and just hated the furniture, front door, or anything else about it? You aren’t alone, it happens to all of us at times. Sometimes it is just the result of your bad day, and sometimes things really do just need to go. In this case, you might need to start looking into home upgrade options.

Your home is your territory. You feel safe there. You’ll come home to escape everything unwanted in life. Do you know what’s great about your territory? You can change it up. Your space will undoubtedly go through home upgrades, changes, and bad calls throughout the time you live there. There are some good choices you can make that will change the feeling of your home for the better.

Cabinetsnew kitchen cabinets

Are your cabinets old? Do the doors not shut all the way, or swing open on their own? Is the paint chipped?

If any of those answers are yes, you could probably go for some easy home upgrades. Cabinets are interesting because they need to match the feel of the kitchen. Don’t just get the first ones that look nice, make sure it will go with the color and flow of your kitchen. New cabinets will make the kitchen have a nicer, homier feel.


It is your chance to get the nice countertops you have always wanted! We have all wanted the nice stone countertops right?

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countertop home upgradesCountertops carry a nice appeal. No one wants to prep food on a gross-looking counter.

Stone countertops provide a good look, incredible durability, and a lot of variety. For example, affordablegraniteandstone.com boasts its rotating inventory, so you are sure to have something new if you didn’t like what you saw before. Stone countertops are a must.


Nothing quite spruces up a kitchen like new appliances. My personal favorite is stainless steel. Nice, shiny, and can be cleaned very easily.

kitchen home upgradesNew appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and ovens will not come cheap, but you can find good deals. It makes the house feel very fancy, but you can actually save some good money by doing it. Plus, many new appliances conserve energy and will make you much more excited to make dinner and clean your kitchen, so that’s a huge plus to go along with your home upgrades.


Where you have dinner says a lot about your house. If the table is old, it will make the whole room feel that way. It takes up a lot of space and therefore has a loud voice in deciding the feel of the room.

A nice new wood table will make the room look great. Or even if it isn’t new, go to work on it. Paint it, refinish it, etc. Any of these things that have been mentioned can be tuned u with a little work, and it will save money to do so. 


Couches should be comfortable and worthy of a long nap. If you an;t nap on your couch, it’s no good. That’s a little extreme, but you feel me right? 

old couchI really like futons. They may not be the most classy, but you can actually find some that look really nice. They are typically lightweight and can turn into a bed. Win-win for you if you decide to go that route.

If not, good couches come in all varieties, cloth and leather couches can look and feel great, it really comes down to your taste. Either way new furniture is a great way to add to your home upgrades.


The whole house can literally be changed by a paint job. I remember my parents painting our house, room by room. They used different colors, some of which probably don’t look great side-by-side, but in separate rooms it’s fine. 

Painting a lighter color can bring a lighter, happier feeling into your home. If you aren’t into bright and happy, then you could choose a darker color to tone down the mood. 


Your home is your territory. Change it up, make improvements, and make it your own. Changing it up can make it a more appealing place to come home to, relax in, or have visitors over. You have a lot of options, good luck!

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