6 Marketing Tips for Your House this Fall

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Buying a house is a commitment–a pricey one. And just as it’s difficult to decide to buy, it can be even more difficult to sell. Selling a home is a sentimental sacrifice, but more than that, it takes a lot of work. Though you might wish it was a few simple steps and then a big check, there’s a lot more to it than that. Whether you are selling by yourself or with the help of a realtor, there are still steps to follow that will give your home an extra edge through marketing and help it sell for a bigger price tag. 


1) Maintenance

Before you even think of listing your home, get it fixed up. If you’ve been putting off the leaky sink or fixing the upstairs toilet, now is the time to get it done. Nobody wants to pay big money for things they’ll have to fix. A little home maintenance will go a long way. Besides home repairs, this is a time to clean up the yard and make the curb appeal striking. As the first thing a buyer sees, it’s crucial that the front of the home looks immaculate. 


2) Marketing Photos 

Once the lawn is taken care of, the toys are put away, and the home is clean, it’s time to take pictures. Pictures are what encourage buyers to make an appointment and tour the home. These photos should be professional, not taken with your phone. Take care to photograph every room in the house, even the ones that aren’t picturesque. You want to give people the full idea of what they can expect. Be sure to photograph the yard as well as the rooms in the house. This is always a great way to market your homes special features. 


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3) Listing Description

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and while you will have dozens of pictures, you should still have a detailed description of the house and the area it’s in. The listing description should be punchy and memorable, while still listing the amenities and problems with the house. There should be a tight focus on the best features of the house and any remodeling you’ve done, but should still include a brief description of the flaws so buyers know exactly what to expect. The description will help justify the price of the home, so be sure to include as much detail as possible when marketing online. 


4) Marketing / Online Posts

While putting up a “for sale” sign in the front yard is beneficial, you will have more luck in booking appointments if you put your house online using a website like Zillow. If you are going through a realtor, they should put the home on their website as well. The post should feature the professional photos, listing description, and your preferred form of contact (or the realtor’s information).


5) Traditional Media

Social media and online home listings are heavily used in marketing and are sometimes the most successful ways to market your home, however, traditional media still works too. Some realtors, like tetonvalleyrealty.com, use a print marketing campaign to reach more potential buyers through magazines or newspapers.


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6) Open House / Virtual Tour

Once you’ve marketed your home, it’s time to hold an open house. Open houses encourage people to visit your home and take a tour to see if they might be interested in making an offer. You should invite everyone to the open house, including your neighbors, you’ll never know who has contacts interested in buying. You might also consider making a virtual tour video and adding it to your listing. Virtual tours lead buyers through the house without them having to make an appointment or attend the open house. 


If you are having difficulties selling your property, it might be due to a skipped step. Skipping these steps may lead you to a buyer who isn’t willing to pay the big bucks you’ve imagined for your home, or it might take longer to sell. With the help of a realtor and the marketing process, your home will be sure to sell. 

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