6 Sewing Projects for Beginners

sewing for beginners

Are you ready to start learning to sew but aren’t quite sure where to start? If you didn’t grow up sewing, it may feel like you’re too far behind to start learning, but don’t let that stop you!

It can be easy to get frustrated or be intimated when setting out to teach yourself a new skill, but all you really need is the right project to start with. We’ve compiled 6 sewing projects for beginners to get you going. After trying these, your confidence will soar and you’ll be ready for the next project.


Coin Purse

Coin purses are a great project to start with. You can use leftover buttons and swatches of fabric to sew an easy pouch by hand and sew on one or two buttons. Get creative by sewing them in fun shapes rather than a classic rectangle and combining different fabric patterns. This one is a good place to start if you have children itching to sew alongside you.



Pillowcases are fun to make with fun themed fabric around holidays or for a special trip your family might be planning.You can get creative by adding ribbon to the opening or trying out a pattern that opens differently than most. You can even add lace or ruffles around the edges and keep adding as your skills grow.

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If you’re going to start using a sewing machine, a baby blanket or other simple style will help you get used to the machine and turn out something you’ll love to use. With a few yards of fabric and some straight lines sewed along the edges, you’ll be ready to start trying out quilt squares. Your friends and family will love your creations and you might find that you’ve got an industrial sewing knack.


Pajama Pants

It can be difficult to get your children to join in on the excitement of sewing but find the right project and they will be thrilled. Something kids can’t seem to get enough of is pajama pants.

It’s even more fun when you get to pick out the fabric and sew them to fit you perfectly. You’ll get some practice here with cutting out a basic pattern, as well as adding an elastic waistband or drawstring–skills that you’ll definitely use in later projects.


Flattering Skirt

Sewing doesn’t have to be all about sitting at home and lounging comfortably. There are dozens of skirt patterns out there that you’ll be itching to wear to work, school, and church. A-line skirts are one of the easiest patterns to start with, and as a bonus, they look flattering on everyone.

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If you’re not a fan of A-lines, try out some straight skirts and make them in different lengths. You may even find a pleated skirt is quick and adorable.


Tote Bag

Now that you’ve got the hang of your sewing machine, you can start trying out different types of fabric like canvas and make yourself a tote bag. This is a good follow-up project because it is a little more involved with embellishments like sewing handles or straps to attach or adding fun patches, pockets, and zippers inside and outside of the bag.

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