6 Tips for Attracting Animals To Your Yard

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Most wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers are constantly looking for ways to attract little critters to their yard. There is just something so satisfying about looking out your back window to see a bluejay splashing around in your birdbath or a baby cottontail nibbling away at the grass. If you’d like to see more sights like this in your yard here are a few simple ways to attract your animal friends.



  • Birds – There are many different types of bird feeders to choose from so make sure you know what type of bird you’re wanting to attract before making your purchase. Also, if you have squirrels around your home there is a good chance they’ll try nabbing your bird feed as well.
  • Small Mammals – If the goal is to bring in little rabbits, hedgehogs, or other small mammals, then you’ll want to set up a small mammal feeder to lure them into the quiet safety of your yard.
  • Ladybugs – Ladybugs are a wonderful addition to any garden because they help keep the peskier insects away so your garden can flourish. Their feeders are simple and easy to make if you’re interested in a DIY project.


Water Features

Whether it is a bubbling fountain, birdbath, or trickling stream, a water feature for your yard is a wonderful way to attract birds and small mammals. They will find the sound of the water comforting and will come to your yard to cool off and get a drink.


Most critters love trees. Having a few trees in your yard is a sure way to make fury and feathered friends alike feel comfortable and at home in your backyard. If you don’t have any trees yet then it might be time to plant a few.


Plants around the yard are a good idea for a number of reasons. Most wild critters are a little shy when it comes to people. Bushes and other plants to hide under will make it easier for them to enter the yard without feeling vulnerable. Also, keep in mind that the animals may like to nibble on your plants so try to pick those that would make a nice little snack.

Nesting Boxes

Help the birds feel more at home by providing an actual home for them. If you feel like really getting into it you could set up a surveillance camera in the nesting box so when the babies start to hatch you’ll be able to celebrate right alongside mommy bird.

Local Laws

Before you jump head first into making your yard a wildlife habitat make sure you check with local laws. Some neighborhoods have rules against attracting wildlife into your yard. Some towns also have laws against setting out food for small wild animals.

Hopefully, with a few changes and a little luck, you’ll get to see scenes from Bambi reenacted in your very own yard. Just keep in mind that animals like their personal space just as much as people do. You wouldn’t run up and grab your neighbor for a surprise cuddle so you should probably give the animals that visit your yard the same respect. Enjoy your new furry and feathered friends!

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