6 Ways to Liven Up Your Boring Room

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Like most people, you get so energized in the Spring that you want to spend every waking moment outdoors. But somewhere in the middle, bad weather comes in and relegates you to the four walls of your home. At that point? I can’t help but notice how dull the room is, especially when it’s pretty pathetic style-wise, too.

A great way to get over that springtime slump is by freshening up that room with a quick fix! This is not your classic spring cleaning (that no matter how much you enjoy it afterward is drudgery to actually do), but rather, this is a fun way to bring that happy spring feeling into your home while you gain some energy back.

Check out these six tips to quickly liven up your boring room in a surprisingly remarkable way.

Play with the Room Lighting

Lighting has a big say in how cozy and bright, or damp and dark, your abode seems to be. With replaced bulbs, a modern lamp, or newly installed overhead lighting, you’ll be amazed at how your current belongings become like new.

Forget about replacing your furniture set or awhile, and instead determine whether your lighting is too yellow, needs coverings to soften the fluorescence, or is focused too much on the lower half of the room.

And don’t forget to have fun with different levels, shade sizes, and geometric designs. Even a bit of colored lighting can’t go wrong in the right space.

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Roll Out the Rug

Rugs always seem cozy, but they often go overlooked because they either don’t feel like a necessity or it’s incredibly hard to find one in the right size and in a style that really speaks to you. And it’s really worth it for how it pulls together your space, drawing interest and giving the mind a subtle push in the right direction.

But don’t give up hope! Because rugs are almost as numerous and unique as the people you pass on the street every day. They are made and used the world over, so perhaps your search will take you to (conveniently accessible online) shops in other states or countries with something beautiful and unexpected.

Fuzzy? Bamboo? Circular? Monochromatic? There are so many choices to spark your interest and lead you in the right direction. And if your heart’s really set on a particular vision? There are custom rugs or hitting the DIY circuit for personalized and even sustainable patterns.

Add in Some Interest Pieces

A sure-fire plan to make your front room more welcoming and fun is by including a few strategic decorative pieces. This is where your personality can really shine with even a combination of a few small things.

Feature shapes and textures that you love in your throw pillows and other decor, such as vases, mirrors, clocks, and candles. Playing with unusual sizes can also help bring attention to your space in a new way.

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And don’t forget that a nice piece of art on the wall can really define the tone that comes across. The subject and medium of the art can be complemented by your choice of frame and matting as well.

Don’t think that you have to stick with the typical pieces either. Love elephants? Show them off. Intrigued by uncommon decor you come across in a boutique? Let it sit front and center.

Set Up Some Shelving

A new shelf or two can go a long way in bringing a dynamic look to your home. Shelving can come in every shape and size, with styles ranging from elegant and bold to funky and whimsical.

If you’re on a budget, a build-it-yourself bookcase from the closest IKEA can put you in business. Or if your floor space is limited, installing floating shelves like these beauties from ezfloatingshelf.com can bring life to space that otherwise would go unused.

Now you’re ready to place a few cute knick-knacks, favorite books, or organizers in a handy and noticeable spot. If things still aren’t quite up to your expectations, pull out the paint brush and put your creative brain to work with some fun coloring or artistic designs.

Rearrange the Room Stage

One of the best ways to freshen up a room and give it a new look is to take what you already have and mix it up. Are you so familiar with the room that you barely see it when you step in the door? If so, a bit of rearranging may be just what you’re looking for.

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New placements for your furniture and decorating can be tricky depending on the layout of your space, but it can also be a thrilling challenge that prompts other ideas to liven things up. So be willing to imagine and try any idea that occurs to you, even if that means pulling more furniture in, moving more furniture out, or swapping in pieces from other rooms in the house.

Unveil an Accent Piece

A final quick way to make your boring room feel brand new is to invest in one piece that functions as an accent to the rest of your balanced space. A great one used commonly is a brightly colored piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or armchair, that can draw the eye without overwhelming it the way a total paint job might do.

And ‘accent’ doesn’t mean it has to be all about flashy colors. Think about patterns or other design styles that can contrast with the current look of your room. Balance your dark hues with a light one or your cushioned sofa with a sleek chest of drawers.

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