7 Fun Things To Do With Your Pet During Winter


Winter is still upon us, as it seems, for a few more weeks at least. Sometimes it’s hard to do outdoor activities in the winter, the activities that we’d usually take our pets along for the ride. Instead, we stay inside to keep warm, visit friends and family, and often in our travels our pets are left home feeling lonely.

Well, we’re here to tell you that your pets don’t have to feel lonely for the rest of the winter. There are plenty of fun things you can do with your pets that will show them you love them and help them get the exercise that they need. Our friends at a veterinary clinic in Idaho Falls helped us put together this fun list for you.

New Tricks

If you’re stuck inside on a cold day, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with your pet. Take some time to teach your pet a new trick. If you have a dog, you could teach it to balance food on its nose or rollover or walk on its hind legs – always using positive words or treats to reward good behavior. This kind of activity is a great bonding exercise for pet and owner.

Spa Day!

You and your pet both deserve a good pampering. Treat your pet to a “spa” day. Brush their fur and trim their nails. A good brushing is great for cleaning up shedding fur and skin cells, and it helps give them a shinier coat by stimulating oil production. Give them lots of cuddles and watch a movie together at the end of your fun day.


Push the furniture out of the way to make a nice open room and have a party with your pet. Turn the music up and dance with them. Have a wrestling match. Play with them and help them get the exercise they need in the new space you’ve created.

Make a Toy

Find some old fabric, rope, clothes, blankets, or a combination of all of these and make a new toy for your pet. Then spend some time playing with your pet – play tug of war or fetch or let them chase you around the house after their new toy.

Play Date

Invite a friend over who has a pet that needs the socialization your pet has been missing this winter. Have a puppy (or kitty, bird, or bunny) play date. Let your pets play together while you two catch up. Socialization is just as important for animals as it is for people.

Photo Shoot

Have photo shoot! Dress your pet up (or don’t if that’s not your thing) and get some cute candid shots of them playing with their favorite toy or napping in their blankets to keep warm. Don’t forget to snap a few selfies to show how the world how much you love your pet!

Make Treats

Make homemade treats for your pet. There are tons of healthy, natural recipes for treats that you can find on Pinterest or even with a quick Google search. The best part is (for your pet anyway) that they can lick the spoon when you’re done! Your pet will feel loved and you will love watching your pet enjoy this new treat that you made just for them.

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