7 Gifts for People with Chronic Pain

gift giving during christmas

Chronic pain, unfortunately, is present in the lives of many of those we love. Oftentimes we forget how much more difficult even the daily tasks in life are for them.

This Christmas, show the people in your life with chronic pain that you care and are trying to understand what they are going through. Whether it’s joint pain, back pain, or even chronic illness, some of these gifts are sure to help make their lives a little easier and show that you are thinking of them.

Body Pillow

Chronic pain can make sleep difficult, and sometimes impossible. Having a body pillow to contour in just the right places can help sleep become more achievable. Likewise, a memory foam pillow or mattress topper are also good options to help with this.

Slow Cooker/Instant Pot

Have you ever tried standing in the kitchen to cook while you are sick or in pain? This is a daily struggle for people who have chronic pain or illness. A slow cooker or instant pot can help decrease the time spent in the kitchen and the amount of healthy meals your loved one gets. You might even consider preparing a few freezers meals that they can just pop into their new gift to help them out for a couple days.

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Comfy Clothes

Regular clothing like jeans, nice blouses, etc., are not typically the go-to wardrobe for people who are sick or in pain. They are already uncomfortable enough with their own pain, so finding other means of comfort is often necessary.

Think about your favorite outfit to wear on a day in or when you stay home sick. Sweatpants, a hoodie, loose long sleeve sweaters, soft socks – all of these are great comfy clothes that someone with chronic pain would appreciate.

Adult Coloring Book

Stress and frustration is often a recurring theme for anyone who experiences chronic pain. A coloring book, or another item for stress relief, can help them channel some of that frustration and promote relaxation.

Heating Pad

Heat helps soothe sore joints and muscles. A heating pad is the perfect gift to help with that. You can even try making your own rice heating pad to put more thought and customization into your gift.

Comfort Items

Like mentioned, find comfort when you experience daily chronic pain can be really difficult. So find something for your loved one that they find comfort in. This can be a soft blanket, stuffed animal, chocolate, favorite treat, anything that gives them comfort or joy. Weighted blankets are great for anxiety and general comfort, and they also increase serotonin levels which contribute to improved moods, sleep, and appetite.

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Living with daily chronic pain or illness can make even the most mundane tasks difficult. Instead of purchasing a gift, maybe this year for your loved one you could offer some service to them. Help them run errands, cook meals, do their laundry, wash their dishes, do yard work – whatever it is you feel they could use some help with.
If your friend or loved one is living with chronic pain, but hasn’t been in to see a doctor about it, you could also suggest looking into a doctor who helps with pain management. No one should have to compromise their quality of life for something that is out of their control. Sometimes seeking help is the extra step that each of us needs in our daily struggles.

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