7 Steps to Transform Your Home Into a Place You’ll Never Want to Leave

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While some of us are natural homebodies, others of us seem to always on the run. However, in this era where just about everyone is constantly doing something, it’s important that we learn to wind down to give ourselves a physical, mental, and emotional break. Sometimes a simple kickback at home can do wonders.

Thinking about the interior design of your current home, what’s stopping you from spending your Friday nights in? Chances are, it’s because you deem your home bland and boring. On the bright side, there are ways you can completely transform your home from drab to fab without breaking your budget.

Consider the following tips.


Incorporate comfortable seating throughout your home


Comfort is everything. After all, most people associate comfort with home. For that reason, it’s important that your home has comfortable seating. While it seems like such a minor aspect a home could have, cozy space is genuinely what allows us to calm down after a busy day and helps us shake the restlessness energy that would otherwise have us running around.

Comfortable seating can include sofas, recliners, bean bag chairs, poufs, floor cushions, or even regular chairs or benches with cozy cushions. Don’t settle for uncomfortable furniture when you don’t have to.


Create the ultimate mini bar


Used to going out to grab a drink? With an incredible mini bar right in the comfort of your home, you won’t have to go out as often. Thus, you can spend those cold, winter nights indoors as you enjoy a drink with loved ones. It also means you won’t have to call an Uber to come to pick you up after a night out or generally worry about getting back home safely.

But how do you create the ultimate mini bar? It’s easy. With a bar cart or empty bookshelf, simply neatly display the alcoholic beverages, mixers and shakers, glasses, and other additions (e.g., bitters, kosher salt) of your choice to make the perfect adult drinks. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand as well such as crackers, cheese, pretzels, nuts, and olives.


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Frame photos you’ve personally taken


Nothing says home like something personalized. When you have a hobby, you’re going to want to show it off. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to frame the photos you take and place them throughout your home. It’s a simple way to make a house feel like a home.

Some printing companies offer custom acrylic prints, allowing you to print your very own photos or artwork so that they are ready to hang right in your home. With personalization like this, you can truly make your home yours, and when something is yours, you’ll have no problem finding comfort and joy within it.


Install cool accent lighting


If you truly want your home to be a place you will never want to leave, you have to make it stand out. One easy and affordable way to do that is to install accent lighting. Your home already has ambient (overall) lighting, but with accent lighting, you can add incredible illumination that will greatly enhance your mood.

When it comes to accent lighting, you might consider hanging string lighting across the ceiling or around something (e.g., bed frame, column, window). Even just the addition of lit candles or a Himalayan salt lamp can add attractive illumination to your home and make you feel more comfortable and cozy.


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Raise an indoor garden


While one in three Americans raises their own edible garden, whether it be one plant or a whole garden bed of plants, not all of us enjoy the great outdoors. And even for those of us who do, certain times of the year just aren’t suitable for growing many plants. Opting for an indoor garden can be a great alternative.

By raising an indoor garden, you’re not just fueling your love for gardening, you’re also saving trips to the grocery store if you’re growing edible plants. Additionally, plants can add peace and serenity to any home in a snap.


Hang a projector


The prices of movie theaters just aren’t getting any cheaper. Unfortunately, many theaters are constantly looking for ways to raise their ticket prices by adding more comfortable theater seating, remodeling their lobby, or offering more 3D film options. There has to be an alternative to the skyrocketing movie theater prices. Well, there is.

Adding a projector to a blank wall in your home, you can project enjoyable movies and family films, so you and your loved ones can enjoy a movie theater experience without stepping foot out of the home. Plus, at home, you can have a wider (and more affordable) selection of candy, foods, and beverages and unlimited bathroom breaks without missing a second of screentime.


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Set up a small scale library


Sadly, books have essentially become a thing of the past. Nowadays, we’re lucky to have a bookstore in our city or town, forcing us to look through the small selection of overpriced books at our local convenience stores. Shockingly, there are now only around 10,800 bookstores left in all of the United States, a 12.2 percent drop from 1997.

That’s why it makes sense to create a small library right in the comfort of your home if reading is something you genuinely enjoy. Creating a library or reading nook in your home, all you’ll need is a bookcase, books of your interest, and cozy seating within a well-lit and quiet place in your home. Purchasing your books for your library online, you’ll have many great options.

Putting It Together

Although many of us consider home a place to take care of our needs after a long day of work or school, others of us consider home to be much more than just that. With small changes to your interior design, you can see your home in a completely different light. That place you used to call boring might instead be a place where you always want to return to.

By adding comfortable seating, a mini bar, personal photographs, cool accent lighting, an indoor garden, a projector, and/or a small library to your home, your home will be set for long nights of entertainment. In turn, you can save cash spending time at home rather than always resorting to going out.

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