7 Ways to Improve Your Health Right Now

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It’s nearly Friday, but you’ve been fading since Monday. As much as you’re looking forward to the weekend, in the back of your mind you know it won’t be enough to recuperate in time for the next week, even if it’s a completely lazy two days.

But maybe it’s not the job that’s got you down. There are some basic self-care activities you could be skipping or full out ignoring. If you feel like a lumpy potato and are ready to change it, these seven things will help you get back on track and stay there if you stay consistent.

Wash Your Hands

Whether you routinely get sick or feel slightly under the weather, washing your hands can help battle the bacteria and viruses that are trying to pull you down. And not just washing them, but washing them well.

Scrub the backs of your hands, between fingers, around fingernails, and up your wrists for at least 20 seconds to make sure no germ is left behind. Always have hand-sanitizer on hand as well.

Grab a Few Healthy Snacks


Changing your entire diet can feel like an enormous feat, and what if it doesn’t make that much of a difference? If you aren’t ready to get down and dirty at the grocery store, start picking up a few healthy snacks that you can take to work. It may be a fruit and nut granola bar or an apple and wedge of cheese, but whatever it is, don’t overthink it.

Giving your body fuel that’s less likely to spike your blood sugar before dropping like a stone will help you make it through the day with better energy.

Invest in Your Skincare


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If anyone ever told you it’s okay to go to sleep without washing your makeup off, they were wrong. The pores in your skin are sensitive and can easily get clogged. Its a good idea to invest in skincare products that will gently remove dirt and balance your skin. Follow a daily routine and if you like to wear makeup, use products that won’t cause further oiliness, dryness, or breakouts. You may also check out skin care reviews to know the best products suited for your skin type. 

Brush Your Teeth


Are you too busy to brush your teeth? I sure hope not. It’s recommended that you brush them 2-3 times daily to remove food and plaque. Even missing one brushing or one day of brushing can leave fuzzy build up that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists are there for a reason, too, so don’t forget to attend appointments semiannually to catch any issues.

Find Ways to De-stress


We all worry and stress about too many things too much of the time. It takes a toll on the balance of chemicals within our bodies. So make an effort to let go of stress. Give yourself permission to separate from your worries for awhile.

Practicing mindfulness or taking part in physical fitness can help you be at peace more. You can take the opportunity to turn something that annoys or frustrates you into something amusing or funny (like singing aloud your road rage to the tune of Happy Birthday).

Drink More Water


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You don’t have to go cold turkey on your favorite sodas or energy drinks. There’s a possibility that their sugar rush and carbonation are messing with your energy levels. What your body really needs is water.

Drinking more water means better circulation of nutrients to the rest of your body. It will help balance your body temperature, improve your skin, and regulate your digestive tract, too, which means you feel better.

Sleep Better


Your sleeping patterns have everything to do with how you feel and function for the rest of the day. If they are erratic, your body struggles to guess how to regulate itself, impacting heart health, weight, and mental health.

Likewise, sleep deprivation over a period of weeks can impact energy, memory, hormone levels, and your immune system. If you have trouble sleeping, try sticking to a consistent bedtime. Ensure your sleep environment is quiet and dark, and avoid naps during the day.

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