7 Ways to Make College Feel Like Home

home away from home at college

Moving away from home to college housing can be nerve-wracking and even scary. You’re in a new place with new people who think and do thing differently than you. The daily schedule that you’ve grown accustomed to at home has now changed. It’s difficult to make your new life and little space feel like a home.

Decorating can help with the transition, and luckily it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are seven simple and easy ideas to help make your new house feel a little bit more like home.

Picture Frames

Are you planning on hanging up pictures? Nothing says college dorm room like pictures taped to the wall. If you want to give your room that comfy feeling, get some cheap frames to hang your pictures in. Make sure they aren’t too heavy so you won’t have a problem with them falling off the walls.

Couch Decor

If you have a couch in your apartment chances are it is ugly and a little uncomfy. One quick way to make your apartment feel more comfortable and inviting is to grab a  few inexpensive pillows and a throw blanket or two. With those two simple touches, your uncomfortable couches look ready for a nice chat or a movie night.

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College kitchens usually look a little boring. To liven it up a little get a table cloth to give a splash of color to those white walls and old cabinets. If you can’t find a table cloth that you like take a visit to the fabric section. You’ll have many kinds of cloth to choose from and it won’t break the bank.

Kitchen Chicken

 Another item to consider putting in your kitchen is a chicken. Every good kitchen I have ever been in has a chicken somewhere; wallpaper, salt and pepper shakers, table cloth, statue, or dish towel. There is just something that feels like home about a chicken in the kitchen. 


A nice touch in any home are the books. Grab a few of your favorites from home and place them on the coffee table or on a shelf above your bed. You may not have time to read them through the semester, but then again they might serve as a welcome relief from your school work. Either way, they will add a nice aesthetic to the room.

Rugs and Mats

A doormat or rug is a nice touch to any apartment or dorm. A doormat can help keep the house clean, especially if you live somewhere that experiences the 4 seasons and there is a chance of mud or snow getting tracked in. Rugs are nice for covering up past accidents that might have happened. If there is a stain in the wood or carpet, just throw a rug down. No one will even know the difference.

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The final suggestion is to get a simple house plant. I would suggest a philodendron because they are the goldfish of houseplants. They don’t need a ton of light and they only need to be fed a few times a week. Low maintenance but a wonderful addition to any room.

Good luck with your new college life! The most important feature to have in your home is friendship. Your roommates may be different than you, and I guarantee they will drive you crazy sometimes, but if you can figure out how to all be friends that will make the biggest difference in making your college housing feel like home. 

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