7 Ways to Make Your Home Rent Ready

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You have a beautiful home that is your pride and joy–and pretty comfy, if you say so yourself. Everything inside your home is up to date and well maintained, from the electricity and plumbing to the paint colors on your walls.It’s always been in the plans to rent out this home. You are pretty sure it’s up to snuff and that any renter would gladly come and scoop it up. But are you really sure it’s ready and marketable?

Here are seven ways to make your home is rent ready; some you may have already used and others are just simple little tricks that can be easily done.

Check the Lights

Something little but important to do is to go around your home and replace all the lightbulbs, both on the outside and inside of the home. And if you have recently replaced them, make sure to wipe them down so they are shiny and clean.

A great idea that will impress your renters, and also save you a couple bucks, is to replace your old light-bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

Do a Little Search

Searching on the internet for what renters are looking for in your specific area can be a great way to shed some light on things you can do around your home to make it rent-ready.

Search something like, “homes for rent in Idaho Falls” or the city your home is located in. See what pops up and look at reviews of those homes or properties. Make yourself a little list, then keep it in mind when you put your home up for rent and are marketing it to renters.

Consider a Professional

As good as your cleaning skills may be, one way to make sure your property is in tip-top shape and super clean is by having a professional cleaner or cleaning service come in and clean.

It’s also a great way to use your time to focus on other areas of the property that need to be ready for renters. In the end, having a professional come and clean will be worth every penny.

It will also help you to know what you need to replace in regards to carpets and blinds. If a professional can’t make it look clean, it’s probably time to get it replaced, especially when it comes to carpets.

Change the Locks

If you are a first-time leaser or property manager, you can probably skip this step, but for those who are renting out their property for the second or third time, it’s best to change all the locks and get new keys, that way no one other than your new tenants can enter the premises.

This is a great safety measure as well. It’s a way for both you and your new tenants to have peace of mind.

This is also a great time to make sure you have all the other important keys available for your new renters, like the mail key, pool key, or clubhouse keys.

Dust Away

A small detail you shouldn’t overlook when showing your home is making sure you clean away all dust or dirt on windows, fans, and on ceilings and floorboards. Wipe away any cobwebs in corners and behind and under kitchen appliances.

Also, ensure all air filters have been replaced and all vents are open and clean.

It will make the place clean and bright instead of dim and dusty.

Study Up

If this is your first time renting your home or you are a first time property manager, it’s best to study up on all the tenant rights and rental laws in your city and state. Discovering what homes for rent require in regards to paperwork and notifications is very important.  

It would also be beneficial to study up on what you need to know about your potential tenants and the kind of questions you want to use to screen them. You can come up with an application process and how you will check their credit score if that is something you will require.

Safety First

Nothing is more attractive to a tenant than a clean, modern, and safe rental property.

All appropriate areas require smoke detectors. Landlords need to replace batteries and check functionality. Make sure all the electrical and water equipment is up to code and non-hazardous. Also, make sure to check any carbon-monoxide detectors installed along with the smoke detectors.

Not only will this increase the value of your rental property but it will ensure that your renters feel good in their new home.

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