7 ways to stop the hate and start to love your tiny kitchen

As per what our moms used to say: the kitchen is the heart of every home. So there’s a reason why your mom constantly cleans, organizes and buys new appliances or any other handy decor to make your kitchen more functional and homey.

Decorating a kitchen is hard. With all the pots, pans, utensils, knives and other tools and appliances, it’s extremely difficult to organize and let alone add a few decorations around your favorite part of the house. This is twice as hard if you’re living in a tiny kitchen with little to no space for all the essentials in your kitchen.

If you think your tiny kitchen has reached its peak of awesomeness and there are no other possible ways to upgrade it, you’re not thinking outside the box. Stop hating on your small kitchen and try these tips to transform it into the best you have ever had.

Establish a focal point. One of the major dilemmas of having a tiny kitchen that both homeowners and renters alike know all too well would be the dull-looking area.tiny kitchenHow can setting up a focal point remove the illusion of a small space? By displaying an eye-catching centerpiece; a shiny wallpaper, a pastel-colored appliance, a structured stool; the object will steal the eyes’ attention and will instantly focus on it, making the background and everything else appear blur and bigger.

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Open up the room with your open shelves: People often prefer closed cabinets to hide the clutter but believe it or not, open shelves actually provides a sense of a larger kitchen.

If you want to keep the clutter away, be sure to stay organized at all times. Also, open shelving is the best way to display your kitchenware. Don’t hide your dining treasures. Your China set as well as your vintage oven toaster can double as a display and don’t forget to put a few accessories (i.e. small potted plants, fruits, etc.) here and there.

Let your creativity take over: Don’t settle with the layout of your kitchen especially if you can maximize it at great lengths. Go on the web and research on several ways you can free up more storage or you could also consult someone who have conquered the same battle you’re currently dealing with.

Pots taking up all the spaces in your cabinets? Install a pot rack just above your kitchen island. Don’t have a kitchen island? No problem. Hang it on the wall or install a pegboard in your free wall along the kitchen and use it up as storage. Notice the sides of your cabinet? Use a command hanger. You see, there are a lot of ways to lighten up a situation, you just have to think up.

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Utilize what you already have. Don’t use the lack of space and storage as an excuse to buy new items such as containers, storage bins and appliances.

You have got to work with what you have. It can be tricky but as mentioned above, let your creativity take over. Moreover, don’t buy anything unless you really want need it. If you can, ask your relatives and friends for hand-me-downs.

Go white (or dark):  White walls matched with an all-white kitchen don’t just make your space look clean and bright but also gives an illusion of more room especially if your ceilings are painted white or neutral color as well.

If you don’t dig the all-white kitchen, you can opt for a dark color but the trick here is, keep the walls white or in neutral shade. The light and dark colors create contrast that can make a room seem brighter and spacious.

Embrace the lighting: Haven’t it been mentioned? Letting a good and natural lighting travel in every inch of your glorious abode creates a pleasant sight.

Tie your drapes to the sides, pull up your shades and let the light enter the house. It draws the perception of a roomy space. Would you rather cook with little light (and/or artificial light) or a bright one? See, it’s that simple.

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Opt for compact appliances: If you really couldn’t fit your fridge in your tiny kitchen and hand-me-down isn’t a solution either, this is an acceptable circumstance where you can go and buy a new appliance.

Appliance manufacturers now produce compact appliances perfect for small spaces. Again, only spend your money if you really need to and spend wisely.

Every kitchen is a treasure no matter how big or small it is so you better take care of it. Got an effective and useful tip to share? Comment below!

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