8 Apartment Amenities You Should Rethink

inside of an apartment

Apartment hunting is no picnic, especially with all the different amenities involved. It’s easy to get pulled in when so many convenient things seem to be included, but chances are you’re wasting money with everything you’re not using. Take a hard look at each of these deceiving amenities and, instead of signing the contract, just back away slowly.

Fitness Center

How many of us get pumped about having somewhere close by to work out, then never use it? If you know you’ll use it, an on-site fitness center can actually be a cheaper option than paying a monthly gym membership; however, with a more cramped space and less equipment to use, the difference definitely shows. Fitness junkies have gym memberships and won’t want to downgrade.


This one could swing either way, but I’d say you should factor in a few things before you go ahead with it. If you live in a big city or in a less idyllic part of town, a doorman may be a good idea for security purposes. A porter doesn’t need to be on your list if you do not require someone signing parcels for you.

Pet Services

People sure love their pets these days and the business market knows it. If you don’t have a pet, you likely won’t be duped into signing the lease, but if you have a pet, look for alternatives that will cost you little to nothing for the same value. Keep using your trusted groomer and look into properties near a park or hiking trail. You’ll still be giving your dog great care while exploring the area you live in.

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The idea of going swimming whenever you want has a pretty big pull–that is until you remember there are 300 other people thinking the same thing. Complexes tend to have smaller pools. If you invite some friends over, you’ll have to choose a time strategically to make sure the place isn’t overcrowded.

Business Center

Unless you work remotely, it’s likely that you won’t even remember that the Business Center exists, let alone where it is. We live in an age when everyone has some sort of tech (be it smartphone, tablet, or laptop) that they would really prefer to use on the go or in their own space. And if you need a printer or copier, odds are the business center is the last place you’ll think to use, right after the unreliable printer at your neighbor’s apartment.

Valet Trash

You read that right. You might joke about paying someone to take your trash out, but how extra are you? They may be throwing out your trash, but they’re throwing out your good money along with it. The fantasy may be amazing, but don’t forget that some things are just as easy to do on your own. Plus, the cash can go to a better cause.

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Community Recreation

These could include a game room or theatre, tanning bed or some version of a spa. I’ve even heard of apartments offering free haircuts. You most likely won’t use any of this because you’ve already got great places lined up. Unless you plan to mark the space as your own and show nightly films, you can skip over this one in your BYU-I student housing search.

Unique Design Features

As cool as that exposed brick or the floating stairs may be, they’re going to cost you in the end. If you have the extra cash, you can consider leasing. But ask yourself – can’t you live without it? Instead of paying extra here, dress up a less expensive place in items bearing your personality, then save up for that fun trip you’ve always wanted to take.

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