8 Ways to Ease Dentist Visit Anxiety


Going to the dentist isn’t high the on the list of things everyone wants to do, in fact, it’s probably not on that list at all, but it is important. Even if you have good dental hygiene habits and have been to the dentist plenty before, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience. It doesn’t have to be.

We’ve partnered with a Pocatello dentist to compile this list of things that you should know before going to the dentist to help make the entire visit go a little more smoothly, for you and your dentist.

Share Your Fears

Tell your dentist if you’re nervous before a particular appointment. Let them know what you are afraid of and they can adapt their treatment method to ease your fears. If they don’t listen, it might be time to find another dentist. Your dentist should make you feel comfortable and help to ease your fears, not make them worse.

Become Knowledgeable

Ask them questions about the appointment. Discussing and becoming more knowledgeable about dental procedures and why the dentist does something can help you immensely. The unknown can be scary, so talk to your dentist about it.

Listen to Music

Bring your headphones with you and listen to music. If the sounds of the dental tools bother you, this can help to drown them out a little and give you something else to focus on. If you have wireless headphones, bring those, as they will be less likely to get in the way. If you don’t have headphones, ask your dentist for some. Some dentists now have movies and music in their office to watch and listen to during your appointments for this very reason.

Low-stress Appointment Time

Choose a time of day or during the week when you won’t be rushed for time. This could be early in the morning or right after work, or maybe on the weekend if your dentist’s office is open. The less you have to stress about, the better you’ll feel during your appointment.


Breathing physically helps to relax your body. Focus on your breathing, inhale deeply through your nose and then exhale slowly through your nose. This will give you something else to focus on during your dental procedure.

Look at Reviews

If you’re looking for a new dentist, look at their online reviews. Finding a dentist who others feel comfortable with and trust will help ease your fear of going to them, rather than picking the first dentist you come across. Talk to family and friends in your area about their dentists to see if they would recommend them to you. Knowing that people close to you trust your dentist will help ease your fears.

Brush Your Teeth

Sometimes we get self-conscious or embarrassed by our teeth or our mouth. Brushing your teeth before your appointment, as well as regular brushing habits, can help you feel more confident in your teeth. Knowing that you have done your best to care for your teeth should make you feel better about how your appointment will go.

Watch What You Eat

Another item on the self-conscious or embarrassing list is bad breath. If you’re concerned about having bad breath, avoid foods that cause it. And know that a good dentist is not going to comment on your breath if it is bad. But it might not be a bad idea to ask about your breath because bad breath can be a sign of other problems.

The main key is to find a dentist whom you can trust to help you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about each appointment. Do your research, talk to your dentist, take care of your teeth and you will feel much better about your next dentist visit.

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