8 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

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Bringing a newborn home from the hospital is one of the most blissful experiences a parent can have, but it can also be one of the most nerve-racking. Preparing your house for a baby ahead of time can help alleviate some of the stress surrounding his or her safety in their new home. What are some of the ways parents can get their home ready for the arrival of a new family member? Check out these 8 ways to baby proof your home!

Cabinet Clearance

Make sure to remove any toxic or poisonous substances like cleaners from the lower cabinets that might be easier for a crawling baby to explore. Additionally, it’s so important to use childproof safety locks on all of your cabinets, no matter what’s in them, to help ensure your baby stays out entirely. If you have countertops or tables with sharp edges, be sure to use protectors for the corners as well.

Drapery Drawbacks

If you have long curtains or drapes, it’s a great idea to keep them pulled back or tied up and out of reach of an infant. Blind cords should be handled the same way so that there’s no opportunity for your baby to become entangled. Keep this in mind with tablecloths as well so that they can’t pull the

Beware of the Crib Climb

When your new baby gets to the point that he or she can pull themselves up on their own, it’s time to lower the crib mattress to the lowest position. Remove any objects that they could use to climb with, such as hanging mobiles or other toys.

Keep Anything Electric Inaccessible

Cords and wires are incredibly tempting for crawling babies to pull on, so it’s crucial to keep them out of reach. Electrical outlets will need safety plugs or covers that snap shut when not in use to help ensure your baby doesn’t stick their fingers or other objects inside. 

Plant Precautions

Keep in mind that some houseplants are actually poisonous, so it’s a good idea to move them off of the ground and up to a higher surface. 

Take Out the Trash

Trashcans tend to look really appealing to babies, but their contents of tossed plastic wrappers, chicken bones and much more can make them dangerous. Be sure to have your trash stored in a can that latches closed tightly or maybe even move it into a secured cabinet or pantry for extra safety.

Get Your Gates Up

Baby gates are a must have for any childproof house. Use these to contain your infant to whichever room you’re in or in front of the stairs so they can’t crawl up or potentially fall down.

Put It On the Backburner

Cook everything on the backburners of your stove to help prevent anything getting knocked off and potentially burning your baby. Nearly half a million burn-related injuries occur each year in the US, and unfortunately, children are often the victims.

Bringing home a new baby is so exciting for every family. Before your baby arrives, spend a little time baby proofing your home to help ensure a smooth and stress-free transition!

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