The Aching Void: Dealing With Stubborn Muscle Pain

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As health conscious as we all like to be, there are going to be times when you find that your body isn’t up with the script. You eat well, you work out, you get plenty of rest, and one morning you wake up feeling wretched. Once you’ve ruled out the usual causes – cold and flu, awkward sleeping position, hangover – you need to look for a reason.

Even people who take care of themselves can come down with a case of one thing or another. Those of us who end up in this situation can rightly feel annoyed that our body isn’t playing ball, but it’s not going to make us feel better physically. There has been a rise recently in the number of people dealing with fibromyalgia. It’s a chronic muscle pain condition which can be caused by a few factors. Or, irritatingly, by nothing at all you can see.


Dealing With Muscle Pain


The first thing that you need to do if you are experiencing muscle pain is get some idea of why. Don’t self-diagnose, say “it’s fibromyalgia” and go about your life as normal. Speak to a doctor, answer all their questions honestly and go from there. There is a danger of leading a doctor to an inaccurate conclusion by telling them what you think they want to hear. Then take their advice – but there are other things you can do.


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Get In The Tub


Although for some time a popular leisure-time pursuit for people who want you to know how much money they have, hot tubs have practical uses too. For chronic muscle pain (that is not the result of an injury), heat is a strong remedy. If it is an individual muscle, a hot compress can be useful, but a lot of muscle pain is more generalized. Sitting in hot water allows all the muscles to get a kind of massage, which eases the pain a lot.


Magnesium: Any Way You Like


A lot of muscle pain can be the result of a deficiency in magnesium, which the body uses to make stronger muscles. It’s not present in many foods, and to make up for a deficiency you’d need to eat nothing but those foods. Which isn’t ideal. Now, you can apply magnesium oil topically (it doesn’t need to be to the affected area). Or you can drink ionic magnesium in water. It tastes appalling, but the benefits are swift and undeniable.


Anyone For Tennis?


Although exercise can be good for fibromyalgia, it needs to be managed and can make things worse. So no, we’re not suggesting you call up Roger Federer to help you. Instead, using a tennis ball to massage the affected areas can be beneficial. It works by moving the point of pressure in a way which works the whole area. Pain from fibromyalgia rarely hurts in just one spot, like a knot of muscle. A baseball or golf ball also works – anything firm and spherical, really.

A number of other things can help, among them keeping a regulated sleep schedule and reducing stress. Along with enough of the above, they may help you deal with a condition that can be as frustrating as it is painful.

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