Affordable Furniture Tips To Consider When Improving A Home

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Everyone gets the DIY bug at some point in their lives. Whether you’re upgrading your long-time home or fixing up a new purchase, being smart with how you approach home improvement could save you time, money and effort in the long run. Here are some affordable furniture tips to help you choose furniture that’s attractive and appropriate for your aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Timing is everything

You might think you need that chest of drawers. A king sized bed also sounds nice. But, why not wait a few weeks or months? Holidays are a no-brainer; furniture stores will often discount products around Christmas. This makes it a great time to find the piece of furniture you want. Experts are torn on the best time to buy furniture outside of holidays. Generally, new collections tend to be released in February-March, so you’re more likely to find something in January. The summer is also a great time to go furniture hunting, as many stores get new stock in July or August. If you’re savvy with your timing, you could make huge savings.

Quality beats quantity

Saving money on home improvement is a noble goal, but there is such a thing as too cheap when it comes to furniture. If you’re after some really nice wardrobe doors, for example, it pays to find the exact kind you want and go for those, because paying for cheap wardrobe doors is a false economy that’ll come back to bite you in the future. Find the furniture you love and be willing to pay a little extra for quality. In the long run, you’ll make savings on not needing to replace shoddy goods every few months.

Experiment with aesthetic

Think outside the box a little bit when it comes to the visual style of your home. With this mindset, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of furniture and adornments that won’t shatter the bank. Buying matching pieces of furniture sometimes yields savings. But if you can find interesting little pieces in thrift stores or out-of-the-way bargain basements, you might fall in love and save money into the bargain. This method of saving money has minimal risks associated with it and offers high rewards; if you don’t like something, simply don’t buy it. But if you’re willing to forego matched sets in favor of building your own mismatched kitsch, then the world is your oyster.

Don’t be scared to haggle

We know, we know, it’s not much fun to browbeat a salesperson into a lower price. It doesn’t always feel great to try and negotiate a lower cost for a piece of furniture. Many furniture stores are trying to make money off the idea that you won’t talk to them about lowering their prices. If furniture outlets think they might be losing a customer, then there’s a surprising amount of room to maneuver when it comes to money. Don’t be afraid to have the conversation; simply talk to the salesperson in charge of your purchase and ask them if they might be able to bring the price down a little. If they refuse to budge, you could make some subtle noises about perhaps looking elsewhere; if this doesn’t yield results, then you might well be better off going somewhere else for your purchase anyway, so it’s win-win for you.

A great website that provides tips and information about saving money is the Money Saving Expert – take a look. Building your dream home doesn’t have to cost the earth. With these money-saving methods, you’ll be well on your way to paradise on a budget.

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