Introducing Apps Into Your Home Finances

A household needs a dedicated budget, one way or another, otherwise you might end up spending more than you can afford. Luckily, it will be possible to use your phone as you can download a set of apps to help you out. Even though some will cost a bit, you should invest in some of the apps, as they can save you generous amounts of money in the end.Introducing Apps

  1. What Did You Buy? When you go shopping, do you save your receipts? If not, then it is time to start doing so. With the Receipts and Smart Receipts Pro apps for the iOS and Android, you will be able to categorize all your purchases. Not only that, but you will have a digital archive of every purchase you made, giving you the opportunity to compare shops and prices. You can inspect what could be over the top that you have bought, and where you can make adjustments for your next shopping run.
  2. Keep to Your Budget: Setting up a budget will be one thing, but sticking to it might be hard. However, with the Home Budget with Sync app, you and whoever you are sharing the app with, will be able to follow what is going on, and how you can make your budget even better. You will have clear insight into who is spending how much, and where you can cut back a bit. Furthermore, you will be able to sync it across accounts, so that you can view it anytime and anywhere.
  3. Grocery Shopping Made Easy:  You can end up spending a lot of money on grocery, if you are not careful. Carrying a paper list will often just create confusion and you will come home with a half-empty shopping bag, especially if you live with roommates who are always too late to write out what they need. With the Buy Me A Pie app, all of it will be digitalized, making shopping fun and easy. On the other hand, you can log each visit to the shop, how much you spent, and what you will need next time. Even more so, you can buy things based on categories, making it easy if you are trying to organize a barbecue, because you will have all the items in one place.Grocery Shopping
  4. Save Money for What You Really Need: Not having a set budget means that you will often forget to put money aside for something you might really need. For all the tenants out there who keep forgetting that the rent is due, you can set easy reminders when paying rent online with Rental Rewards. Not only will it save you time, and especially money, but it will help you keep track of how much money you have left. This will be useful as you will never be late for payments again, and you might even get a small discount or other benefits from your landlord.
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Saving money at the end of the month can be a real endeavor, especially for those who are managing it without a set budget. Nevertheless, with a myriad of apps to help those out, it is possible to digitally follow all of your tracks, in order to keep every change logged, and that you can see how much you spent. Do not rely on the apps only, they will be only a great tool to help you stay on track.Saving money

This article was written by Kate Flannery, who pays her rent and utility bills online, and whose grocery list is synched with all her roommates. There are no financial squabbles in Casa Flannery.

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