Attic Cleaning Tips

Attics can be pretty scary places. No, not because of the ghosts or witches that might hide just behind the door. There is something even more horrific. Tons of clutters are lurking around your attic, slowly conquering the free space in your house.

This often neglected room can become an overwhelming challenge when left on its own. Can you remember the last time you cleaned your attic? If you find it hard to recall it, then it’s time to get going and make a serious organizing. Here are some tips that will get you through the process.

In Time
Spend some time sorting your attic. This is a slow and tiring process. Chances are that you will need several throughout cleaning sessions before you finish the job. Even if you want to get it done in a day, it will require serious effort.

Keep a Record
Grab a notebook and a pen and go through all the items in your attic. See if the label of the boxes corresponds to the content. If needed, rename them. When investigating your items, start dividing them into different categories. This is extremely helpful for your organizing system. First, break down the objects in three big groups: things you want to store, things you want to think about, and things you will throw away or donate. Get rid of the unnecessary and proceed by dividing the rest into smaller categories. In this way you will have less clutter and more space for work. On the other hand, the list you have created will give you a better grasp of your possessions.

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Dust It Off Good, 
you sorted everything out. Now what? Before allocating all the boxes and items, make sure you have cleaned the space. This means dusting the walls, window frames and old shelves. Dust is one of the most common sources of allergic reactions. That is why it is advisable to ask for assistance from a professional if you have any health problems. Wipe the windows and vacuum the floor. Look for leaks from your roof that can cause mould and humidity. If you don’t take preventive measures, the moisture may damage not only your walls, but also your possessions. Insects may also appear if you didn’t take care of your attic for a long time. React immediately; otherwise they may spread in other areas of your house.

Be Practical 
You have all your objects boxed up and divided into manageable groups. At this point you’re almost done. Now all you need to do is to organize. Before chaotically putting things here and there, think which items you might need in the near future. Create an easy access for objects that you might use. Put everything else in the back.

It may look like a lot to do, but you should not despair. With a little patience and effort you will be able to turn your attic from a disaster to a perfectly organized storing place.

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