Backyard Guide for Beginners

So, you have just bought a house with the spacey backyard and you do not know what you should do with it? We understand you, landscaping and gardening may seem intimidating if you spent your entire life in an apartment. Still, before you make the final decision to use your backyard as the resting place for bikes, tools, and all the other stuff you simply want out of sight, let us give you another option. These are the few rules and ideas that can help even the absolute beginners to turn their backyards into the piece of Paradise.Backyard Guide

Making a Preparations

Since you are starting from the scratch, it should not be a bad idea to put your backyard’s layout on the paper and draw what you want to achieve. Before doing that, though, you must throw out everything you may have back there and mow the lawn. You will not only get the clearer picture of the space you have on disposal, you will also have the backyard already prepared once the actual work starts. Keep in mind that your ideal backyard should have these four essential zones.

A Zone to Grow

There are several ways to tackle your planting zone. First one is to do more with less. Plant several draught-resistant accent plants, and cover the ground with the golden gravel. You will end up with a clean look, which will work rather well if you want to achieve more urban vibe. Alternatively, you can opt for the more lively solution, and plant a lot of shrubs and colorful perennials. In either of these cases, make sure that the planting ground is clearly separated from the rest of the backyard with bricks and stones. Also, try buying already formed plants, to make your job much easier.

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A Zone to Rest

This is the place where you will spend some time with your friends and family, so you will obviously need some outdoor furniture. Placing the few chairs around some table will not cut it, though. You should also try to obscure your little corner from the curious looks. You can do that by surrounding the seats with tall flower beds. If you are going for the more urban look, simple cinder blocks will serve you just fine. Alternatively, you can try making few trellises, or create vertical gardening units from the wooden pallets.

A Zone to Eat

Ideally, this zone should be easily tackled with a simple pergola or a canopy. Pergola will also give you an option to play with the hanging flower pots, so you will have more planting space if that is your primary concern. If both of these options prove to be too much for you, you can simply clear the dining area next to your house, and create yourself a simple patio. Your house’s shade will take care for the rest. This is the perfect place where you can place some new outdoor furniture. Here, you can enjoy your first morning coffee trying to prepare yourself for upcoming exhausting day at work.

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A Zone to Play

This is the place you should add some threes. They can serve as a great basis for a swing or a tree house. You can also use their shade to make very pleasant playing ground beneath. Now, the presence of kids does not have to mean that you must give up this corner completely. You can arrange it, and plant it, as you would any other part of the backyard, just make sure it is devoid of roses, poisonous plants, and other dangerous things.
These are, of course, some general rules and ideas that should serve as a foundation for your own ideas to come into play and make your backyard truly your own. Feel free to experiment. Once you make yourself comfortable with the landscaping, and your skill grows, everything will be possible.

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