Best Area Rug for Your Space

They say the space we live in reflects our personality and spirit – I couldn’t agree more. The warmth you bring within is inevitably going to be reflected on the space surrounding you so why not make it even more beautiful with some gorgeous designs? No reason not to!
You should know that decorating isn’t that simple a task even though it may appear so at a first glance. There are several instances of decorating you should master before starting rearranging your space, just so it doesn’t end up looking like colors and shapes had exploded in there. Do some reading on shapes and colors, read about styles and best combined combinations of styles and accessorize. Also, pay attention to the importance of furniture pieces and rugs, as well as wall decorations and lights.
In the meantime, we are here to assist you in embarking on your interior decorating journey and help you end it on a successful note!
As interior designing is such a complex topic, this time around we have decided to help you in choosing the right rug for your space.
There are three important things you should know about choosing the right rug – what counts is the right color, the right shape and proper size.
1. Color
Colors play an important role in overall designing of a space. They set the tone, the idea and the vibe of the room instantly. You can read about psychology of colors and get an insight into their importance. You can even pick out the color best suited for your space according to what emotions it awakens in people. Color of a rug is important as it complements the space. Just like walls give any room its structure, a carpet or a rug is there to harmonize the space and give it personality. If your walls are done in plain colors, choose a rug with load patterns and stark colors. This little contrast will give that oomph to the space everyone adores.
If, however, you’ve experimented a little and decided to go loud on the walls, then pick a simple-colored rug that will calm the loudness of walls.
The color of the rug should be in the tone with the wall color. Anything too different will make it look sloppy and unorganized.
Best Area Rug for Your Space2. Shape
You choose your rug shape according to the shape of the room you are decorating. Usually, square and rectangular rooms ask for rugs of the same shape. Square rooms can tolerate round rugs, especially if we are talking about an open floor plan where you use rugs and furniture as room dividers. These three shapes are most common as they are the easiest to maintain and fit with the standard built of houses and flats. Naturally, you can opt for an unusual shape too and have it custom-made. Unfortunately, custom-made rugs cost an arm and a leg!
3. Size
Just like the above mentioned two features, this one plays a huge role in properly decorating a space. If you pick a wrong size, the room may look simply… off. So, your options are:
a) Fitted rugs – Fitted rugs are types of rugs that cover the entire room (you cant see the floor). They tend to give the room a bit of a vintage vibe but if not properly fitted with the rest of the room design, they may give the room a bit of an old vibe.
b) Semi- big rugs – These are the most common option – rugs that are not too big, yet not too small. Usually, you place them under furniture so you can see the floor underneath, going around the rug’s edges. These are great for big rooms, if you want to give them structure and warmth.
c) Area rugs – Most commonly used in huge rooms or open floor plans. They are really practical as they can help you turn an enormous room into a two or three room situation, just by placing rugs at their right spot. For instance, if you want to turn one big room into a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, you’ll buy rugs to help you out in this mission. Placing a rug in one color in the “living room” area will automatically set the tone of that part of the room.
Do the same for other parts and you’ve got yourself three separate parts looking amazing!
Remember that rugs play a big role in decorating and the more you learn about them, the more playful you’ll be getting when it comes to experimenting with colors, shapes and sizes of rugs!
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