The Best Flooring Options For Pet Owners


Pets are a beloved part of our families and deserve some consideration when choosing flooring materials for your home. We should begin by saying that carpeting is the worst choice in flooring for pets with true hardwood coming in second. Carpeting may be more comfortable for the pets to sleep or lay on and more insulating for noise reduction, but it is extremely easy to stain and collects dirt quickly. Non-carpeted floors are not as comfortable for pets to lay on as carpeted floors, but each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Hardwood might make pet hair easier to clean up, but requires more maintenance and can be damaged by wetness, including pet urine. Instead of carpeting or hardwood, here is a list of options to choose from that are more functional for homes with pets.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Both of these options are a great pick for a home with pets because of their waterproof attribute. Stains and damage from pet accidents are highly unlikely. They are also on the more price friendly side of the other options out there. Ceramic tiles are typically textured which helps reduce noise of nails and paw steps throughout the home, while porcelain is smooth which can make it slippery but still easy for cleanup. Textured surfaces scratch far less easily and show less when are scratched, which is helpful for your pets’ little nails tapping and scratching over time


Vinyl is also waterproof, provided it is installed correctly. It comes in three forms: sheet, tile and plank. As long as the joints between each piece are tight and closed, moisture stays on the surface and can be wiped away easily. Vinyl also comes in a variety of styles, so you do not have to compromise design for the fact that you have pets to clean up after. Keep in mind, however, the top layer of vinyl is extremely durable, but once damaged, the scratches can be easily seen.

Natural Stone

Using natural stone is similar to using ceramic or porcelain tile. It is also waterproof and can be textured or smooth, affecting how slippery it can be when walking on it wet. There are many styles available. The biggest difference between natural stone and ceramic or porcelain is going to be the price. Natural stone is more expensive than most flooring options, which is something to consider, but is still a great pet friendly flooring option.


This type of flooring is fairly rare, but an excellent option for flooring a home with pets. It is extremely environmentally friendly, so if you are trying to stay “green” then it is great. It also has natural antimicrobial property that helps against mold and allergens. While considered a “hard” floor option, it has a little more cushion under foot which makes it less harsh on feet and paws while also giving a bit more noise reduction that other hard floors.

Having pets is clearly something to consider when flooring your home, but should not limit your choice in flooring material. Arm yourself with the knowledge provided here to make your best choice for your home and your furry friends.

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