Breaking Camp and Going Cross Country

moving cross country

At 6:30 am, I laid in bed wondering what are we doing? Is this the right choice? What if things don’t go as we planned? Can we recuperate from such a huge mistake? Is it too late to call things off?

All these questions flooded my mind with the anticipation of moving cross country. Our family had lived in the state of Georgia for over fifteen years. Now we’ll be relocating to San Diego, California.

When moving cross country, your thoughts and feelings can definitely get the best of you. It is true that the norm will become an unknown experience throughout uncharted territory. New friends will be made, favorite eateries will no longer be in reach, and most of all you’ll need to develop a new sense of direction.

Although family won’t be a couple miles of driving distance away, everyone will still have some holidays to look forward to sharing. Just remember, before you arrived at your previous location of residence, you had to get familiar with your surroundings. Having a strategic plan to follow during your move will definitely help calm some of your jitters and nerves.

Freight Trailer

Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a truck driver in the family? Transportation companies, like North American Van Lines, do great at helping families move cross country. This might be the most effective way of getting your personal belongings cross country, and it can be a cost-effective plan, as well. The time that your professional movers will save you is going to be worth every penny. This gives you the benefit to maximize space in your personal vehicle. Since you can schedule the time of delivery, packing all your clothes into the family vehicle isn’t necessary.

If each family member keeps two sets of clothes in a small duffle bag or book bag, this should give everyone plenty of leg room space during the commute. Leaving before the transport of your belongings is important. Being available to open the door to your new home for the movers will be well appreciated.


Most of the time organization consists of narrowing things down to what you need most and what’s creating clutter. At least a month before moving, take the time to get rid of any extra junk that attaches weight, takes up space, and requires time. We all tend to keep loads of unnecessary documented papers. Starting there may help ease the feeling of too much clutter.


Packing doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of moving. It can also be a time to reminisce on good times with the anticipation of creating some new memories. Start by breaking down each part of your home into 5 categories, such as furniture, appliances, kitchenware, clothing, pictures/mirrors, and miscellaneous items. Remember, one month before moving can be there within the blink of an eye, so keeping things broken down into manageable sections will make things more smooth for the movers and yourself.

  • Furniture will be the least of your problems, keeping large pieces broken down for moving day is important.
  • Appliances often collect dust. Boxing the unused appliances and keeping just the mandatory needed appliances available will keep clutter to a minimum.
  • Kitchenware is probably one of the most tedious duties because a lot of glass is involved. Taking the time to find reliable bubble wrap and packaging will ease the anxiety of how your favorite dishes will do during transportation.
  • Pictures/mirrors will be one of the more easier tasks to complete, but very timely and delicate. As each picture is taken down for packaging, you won’t be able to help yourself from reminiscing through each photo. Keep in mind that soon they’ll be right back up on the wall in your new place. Taking them down early will help increase the feel and reality of your move.
  • Miscellaneous items will always become part of your home, especially if you have children. Choose a room to pile up all those miscellaneous items. This will create a fun activity time for the family when it’s time to decide on what’s worth keeping.

New Life

Enjoying the reality of your new position can happen immediately, or gradually for some. Keep in mind that there’s no point in comparing life from the previous home to life where you recently relocated. Give things a chance to transpire for the entire family. Everyone’s perception won’t be the same, but new friends can always help change the awkward feelings of dwelling somewhere new.

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