Bringing Baby Home: How to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Newborn

You are now officially a mommy and a daddy! Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the most amazing (if not THE most amazing) feelings in the world – to think one such tiny creature can bring you such an immense joy is absolutely wonderful and unbelievably overwhelming!

Bringing Baby Home

Now that you are brining your baby home, you are probably panicking a bit, aren’t you? Ohhh, admit it! Don’t worry, though. Every new parent gets anxiety at the thought that they are now responsible for a new life. And even though they’ve been preparing themselves for it for the whole coarse of nine months, everything feels new and unfamiliar. Nothing to panic about, honestly. As long as you organize well, it’s all going to work just fine.

If you are wondering what all you should do before your baby gets home, here are some ideas to steer you in the right direction and help you prepare your home for that little, adorable bundle of joy!

1. Housecleaning
When you are welcoming a new baby, it is only natural you’ll feel your entire home needs to undergo extensive sterilization. You are maybe even thinking of banning your dog from going inside the house or even giving it to another owner. Don’t get so worked up about it – first, you wont be able to keep up with such high standards of cleanliness and second your baby is more sensitive than you but she is also a human being that needs natural surroundings to grow and develop, not a sterile one. Plus, insecticidal sprays and harsh cleaning solutions and can leave residual odors that may irritate or even harm your baby.

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Still, cleaning of the home before the baby arrives is absolutely necessary. Dusting, vacuuming, and other home chores should be done a day or two before the baby arrives. Hiring a professional cleaning lady may be just the right options – after all, you’ll have so much on your plate before and after the baby arrives!

2. Baby proofing
Even though baby proofing isn’t necessary until the baby starts crawling and/or walking and is able to touch and break things, we’d suggest you take care of it right away as later on you’ll be overwhelmed with immensity of things to do around the baby on daily basis. For starters, start by baby-proofing for the newborn stage – making sure the crib is safe for the baby to sleep in (that it won’t turn over or that the baby can fall out), buying a baby monitor,  soft baby sleeping bag and other baby gear. Consult with employees in baby specialized stores on what the essentials of baby proofing for the newborn stage are.

Baby proofing should be done all around the house.

3. Important phone numbers
Once the baby arrives it’ll seem like you are on a constant alert. And you probably will be. Everything will look weird, you’ll be looking for changes, re-examine every breath the baby takes, her every move will be a reason to get concerned. You need to learn to relax. Your precious little baby will be just fine! To sleep better and be sure you can get help if, God forbid, something happens – keep a list of emergency numbers on the fridge or anywhere close to your home phone.

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The list should have these contacts:
–    Your baby’s pediatrician
–    Your doctor
–    poison control
–    The breastfeeding support group
–    The hospital
–    Your and your hubby’s parents’ numbers
–    Best friend’s number
–    Favorite takeout joint number

4. Bathrooms
Bathrooms are a primary source of bacteria in our homes. This is why you need to have it cleaned properly before your newborn is home. And I mean really cleaned. Hire someone to clean it top to bottom, wash bathroom mats, clean tiles, etc. Hire a plumber or have your hubby unclog all blocked drains to avoid any potential flooding. We advise not keeping any baby essentials in the bathroom – you want to avoid any unnecessary bacteria spreading.

Your due-day is getting close and you are probably getting anxiety. You just need to stay calm at all times and remember that the best part is about to come – you get to meet the creature that was growing inside of your for the past nine months, loving you and feeling your love back. It’s all going to be great!

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