To Buy or To Build; That is the Question

If you want to become a homeowner, then there are several different routes to go down. Many people decide to buy a home and get a mortgage, but some people decide to build. But what is the best option? You can certainly get your dream home either way with a little time and effort. So here are some things to think about, if you want to get on the property ladder.

The Benefits of Buying a Home Compared to Building


The two things that spring to mind about the benefits of buying an existing home are cost and convenience. Once you have been approved for a mortgage of a certain amount, you can get house hunting. Then it is the simple process of choosing a house that you like and can afford, and then making an offer. Once an offer has been accepted, it is quite a quick process after that, meaning you could be moved in after a month or two. So you can see what it is a compelling choice for many people. You know upfront what the costs to it all will be.


When you build, the costs can be a little unknown. There may be things that change along the way, as well as covering the costs of contractors and builders. You also have to factor in getting new versions of everything when you build. You need new windows, bathrooms, cookers, beds, curtains; basically everything. When you buy a home, a lot of things will already be there. You might want to change them along the way, but you don’t always have to buy anything for the home upfront.

The Benefits of Building Compared to Buying


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There is no getting away from the fact that building a home will probably cost more. Unless you are a builder or happen to be home designers, then you will need to pay for the people that are. But the massive benefit of building your own home is that you will have your dream home. When you buy, it might have everything you need on paper. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms, for instance. But they layout might be awkward, as well as the size of the rooms. There might be things that you would like, such as an en suite or walk-in wardrobe. You might want an open plan living space or a spiral staircase, for instance. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to designing your own home. So you know that you won’t need to renovate or redecorate for a long time, if ever.


So up front, it can seem like a large cost, but over time, could actually balance out to be cheaper than buying. As lots of people buy but then renovate or do large-scale home improvements. Building a home can be more time consuming too as it is a longer process. So if you’re not in a rush, it makes it a much more attractive option. There are benefits to both, so it seems like you just need to figure out what you can afford and what will work best for you.

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