Can You Get Free Trial Frames Online?

Online shopping has become one of the most popular ways to buy everything from groceries to automobiles. More people shop online now than ever before, and for good reason. For the most part, you can find better deals and receive your items in a much more convenient fashion than at most brick and mortar shops. Of course, you can’t find everything online and there are still some products that are not quite as convenient to get on the internet. This often brings up the question from those shopping for eyeglasses, wondering if there is a way to get free trial frames online.
 Free Trial Frames Online
 rescription glasses have been sold online for a relatively short time, and there are certainly some natural limitations to the transaction. People need glasses to see, but they also want those glasses to fit well and look stylish. Purchasing frames online has been somewhat of a crapshoot considering that you aren’t afforded the ability to try the glasses on and see how they fit your face and your aesthetic. Most people are attracted to buying prescription glasses online because of the cheap price, but is it really worth it if you can’t be sure that the glasses will be quite your style?
What if you could try frames at home before you buy through an online service? Many online glasses companies like Warby-Parker are offering you a chance to do just that. They have recognized the shortcomings of the online glasses industry and have tried to remedy it by offering “home try-on kits.” You typically receive a selection of 5 different frames. You can try them all on and see how they look and feel on your head. Pick your favorite one and receive a nice pair of glasses with your prescription in no time.
The best part about all of this? It’s entirely free. There’s no obligation to purchase glasses after you’ve received the free trial frames. You also don’t have to worry about shipping or return shipping. The company will cover all of those costs so that you can have the experience of shopping in a store from your own home.
 Trying Online Glasses On for Size
What are the Benefits?
For some, the benefits of this might not be readily apparent. For starters, you don’t have to waste hours at an optometrist looking for that perfect pair of frames or simply choose from the selection that they have onsite. The free trial frames will be sent directly to your optometrist where you can try them on at your convenience and then make the order if you decide you like the ones you received. Secondly, the trial program is entirely free. Add that to the fact that most online glasses companies are cheaper than their physical counterparts, and you have a recipe for success.
You might also think that the whole process might be cumbersome. But, you really only have to wait a few days to get your glasses kit. Then, all you have to do is send the kit back, place your order, and you’ll have the frames you chose with your prescription lenses in no time.
In the past, shopping online for prescription glasses was never a sure thing. But, with free trial frames you can get the affordability of online shopping along with the personal touch of a physical glasses store.
Christopher Stevens is an optometrist from South Dakota. He received his education from the University of Michigan and uses his summers for missionary trips to help those who need eye care but cannot afford it.
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