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So, you want to start a collection. Many people have started collections full of items significant to them. For example, some people collect teapots or Christmas ornaments. Your collection can be anything, really, as long as it’s something that interests you enough to find new pieces and grow your collection. It’s important to also note what you’ll need for your collection as some paper items need to stored in specific conditions. Here are three common collectible items and what you’ll need to get started.

Item #1: Stamp Collection

Stamps have been a popular collectible item for decades and can transform your collection into something of significant value quite quickly. Stamps, especially expensive ones, increase in appreciation each year. They are popular collector’s items because they come from all over the world and contain vast history, plus, they can be miniature works of art.

To get started, you’ll need archival sleeves to store your stamps in. Stamp colors can deteriorate when exposed to acid or UV rays, so it’s important to protect them from acidic paper and direct sunlight. Using clean hands and stamp tongs will help you handle the delicate paper and not tear them.

Item #2: Coins 

Coin collections are a fun hobby if you’d like to become a part of a community. Many coin collectors trade with each other to complete their collections. Collecting coins can be frustrating if you are only concerned with their cost, as some coins, even with deficiencies, are still only worth face value.

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Coin collections should be stored in precise conditions to ensure their worth and condition. If you have loose coins you’d like to store, purchase individual cases to store them in and don’t take them you⁠—you’ll only lessen their value. You should keep them in places with low humidity and a steady temperature to control exposure and prevent tarnishing.

Item #3: Jewelry / Watches

Any piece of jewelry that contains some sort of gemstone will be worth money, but the condition of the piece and how many stones it has will also influence the value. Vintage pieces are also typically worth more. Many collectors simply choose to select pieces that match their personal style and aesthetic. Jewelry is one item that passes down well because it can be highly sentimental to the person who inherits it.

To keep jewelry from scratching, tarnishing, or jumbling together, purchase a jewelry box with a soft lining and divided sections to keep pieces separate. Place the jewelry in a cool, clean, and dry place to avoid heat and sunlight which can tarnish silver and harm gemstones. Jewelry should also be cleaned regularly by a professional jeweler. You may even consider insuring the jewelry if the piece is very valuable.

Starting Your Collection

Whether you are collecting jewelry, coins, or stamps, you’ll need to start somewhere. has an inventory containing each of these items and more. Or, you may choose to start by finding or asking family and friends to see what they have. No matter what you choose to collect, take care of it.

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