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How to Find a Great Home Caregiver

Finding and hiring a qualified and suitable home caregiver are important steps to take once a loved one or family member reaches a point in their lives when they need a certain level of personal care at home. For…


What Vitamins Help Thyroid Function?

Your thyroid plays several roles in your health and having low or high levels can affect many parts of your body, including your weight, skin, hair, and more. As with many other health conditions, changing your diet can help…


4 Common Allergy Triggers and How To Avoid Them

You may think of allergies as a springtime nuisance; however, allergy symptoms can persist throughout the year. Though individuals with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) certainly suffer when flowers return to full bloom, airborne allergy triggers can be encountered in…

feet and toes

3 Ways to Prevent Ingrown Toenails

If you have ever experienced an ingrown toenail, or have in the past, then you know just how painful they can be. These pesky rogue nails make simple tasks like walking uncomfortable and sometimes even unbearable. Ingrown toenails occur…

smart watch

Handy Gadgets That Keep Track of Your Health

We all want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to live longer and happier.¬†With the rise of technology, there have been new developments and handy gadgets destined to keep us up to date with our health. Going to…