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girl sticking tongue out

3 Problems Solved By Brushing Your Tongue

Our tongues are amazing, they help us speak, eat, and enjoy our food. However, “more than 700 different bacterial species live in the mouth” and cause problems. With different foods passing over our tongue, germs entering through the air…

hip pain in person

Common Causes of Hip Pain and What To Do

When you’re in pain, everything becomes more difficult. When you have hip pain, there are daily tasks you just can’t do. What is normal? What can you do? And when should you consider more drastic measures? There is a…

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5 Teeth Problems You May Come Across

Teeth, you use them every day, and hopefully, run a brush across them at least twice a day. Teeth are like your fingerprint. Even twins have unique teeth. Just as any used car needs personalized kinds of care, your…


5 Steps to Take During a Dental Emergency

You’ve just taken a hockey puck to the face and feel extreme pain. You know you are experiencing a dental emergency, so what do you do? There are many cases where you need dental care immediately or you will…

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5 Medical Issues Linked To Dehydration

Thank goodness we made it through the cold winter! I’m proud of all of us for enduring to warmer months, it is so worth it now. Summer gets hot, we all know that. Summer is also a great time…

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5 Steps to Healthy Teeth

You’ve heard it before. Brush and floss or face the consequences. However, how do we know if we’ve done enough to avoid the consequences? Colgate has stated, “Even a regular oral hygiene routine could be leaving gaps if you…